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The Beretta ARX 100 .223 REM/5.56 NATO Semiautomatic Rifle is a fully modifiable rifle with a pinless design and Picatinny rails on the top, sides and fore-end. The rifle is equipped with a removable, adjustable flip-up rear sight and features a 30-round magazine and a short-stroke gas piston system.
Features and Benefits

Semiautomatic with a 30-round magazine
Picatinny rails on the sides, fore-end and top
Removable, adjustable flip-up rear sight
2-position safety
Modifiable pinless design
Short-stroke gas piston system


Magazine capacity: 30
Rear sight: Flip-up
Product length (in.): 35.75
Rate of twist: 1 in 7 inches
Product weight: 108.8 ounces
Barrel length (in.): 16
Type: Centerfire
Handedness: Ambidextrous
Caliber: 5.56 NATO
Action: Semiautomatic

SKU#: 105517268
MPN#: JXR11B00

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Comments and Reviews (21)

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Gen2- keep the stock, slim it down to get it looking more like an HK433 and I might buy it

Won't win a beauty contest, but its reliable as hell shot mine with sand , mud , dirt in it. lt never missed a beat.

These really are reliable, even shoots Tula with recessed primers that my AR’s wouldn’t. You’ll get used to the looks it kinda grows on you,like dating a fat girl.

Hahaha perfect analogy


This is a unique rifle as it combines several noteworthy features found together in no other rifle. Folding stock, quick change barrel and reversible for ejection and charging handle. It may look like a pot belly pig but I think it's adorable. Bought one on Friday! Yee haw!

Picked it up yesterday. Surefire 60 and 90 round mags work after putting a file to the magwell. Other high capacity drums did not worked at all...

Anyone buying a gun purely on looks is an idiot!
This thing WORKS!

poor man's fn scar

stupid app.. do t get me wrong I was looking at this and the cz805 bren shot both ended up going for the cz due to the look. both shot great and this is now 1/2 what I paid

Lol!! Beretta wanted over double the price when these came out. I love Beretta, and this may be a reliable rifle, but whoever designed this, and all board members who approved this don’t realize this has to be one of the ugliest rifles ever produced

I'd this wasn't just in store I think I'd get one..

Was trained by Beretta Rep on how to use these when I worked for Cabelas. They are a pretty novel design especially if you are a lefty. However they are bulky and lack customization. They are also only compatible with standard STANAG magazines and do not work with the D-60 drum

I'm a lefty. what advantages does this have for me?

Can change the side the charging handle is on as well as which side the casings eject.

Magpul gen 2 works great.

Good deal, but I don't know if I could have a rifle shaped like a tuna.

FN FS2000 was the original tuna gun



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