Safety Note: Choosing 6.5 Grendel comes with an added complication. There are “Type I” and “Type II” bolt/barrel specifications out there, and you CANNOT mix and match parts for each of them without risk of damage and/or injury. Type II is by far the most popular configuration, but pay attention to what you are buying! A Type I bolt won’t chamber rounds in a Type II barrel at all. Even worse, a Type II bolt mated to a Type I barrel will create excessive headspace and result in a rifle that is dangerous to fire.

6.5 Grendel is the perfect compromise between the hard-hitting nature of .308 with the soft recoil of a 5.56. If you are looking to build a new AR-15 and are tired of shooting 5.56, this Bear Creek Barrel is the one for you. The only thing different between 6.5 Grendel and 5.56 is the barrel, bolt carrier group, and magazines. This barrel is chambered for 6.5 Grendel type II and must use a matching type II. If you mix a type I bolt with a type II, you risk catastrophic failure. All 6.5 Grendel ammunition is the same the only difference between the two types are the way the barrel and bolt are machined. However, type II is by far the most common. With that said, this 6.5 Grendel barrel is made from 4150 steel and has a black Nitride finish. At 16”, this barrel will make a lightweight and maneuverable rifle that is great for hunting. You still get plenty of accuracy and velocity out of this barrel length with 6.5 Grendel and the M4 profile also helps to reduce weight. Take the plunge and build an AR-15 out of something other than 5.56 for a change.

- Barrel machined from 4150 chrome moly vanadium steel
- Chambered in 6.5 Grendel type II
- M4 profile and black Nitride finish
- 16” barrel length provides good velocity in a shorter package
- Carbine length gas system with .07 gas port
- .750” gas block diameter
- 5/8x24 barrel thread for your favorite large caliber muzzle device
- 1:8 twist rate for stabilizing the high velocity round
- Lightweight and accurate for a hunting build
- 100% inspected before leaving the factory

Like all BCA barrels, it goes through a rigorous 100% inspection process to ensure all dimensions are in spec and you receive a product that Bear Creek Arsenal is proud to make. It also features a 5/8x24 barrel thread for maximum compatibility with larger muzzle devices. This AR barrel uses a carbine length gas system to ensure reliable function even when it gets dirty. If you plan on building an AR-15 for hunting, consider this 16” 6.5 Grendel barrel that offers more than enough velocity in a lightweight and compact barrel length.

Bear Creek Arsenal products complete their entire production cycle at their Sanford, North Carolina facilities. Drilling, reaming, rifling, and turning are all performed on CNC machines under ISO-9002 Quality Systems, allowing Bear Creek to precisely control each step of manufacturing. Careful inspection ensures each barrel meets their stringent standards before shipping.

Barrel Coating: Salt Bath Nitride
Barrel Contour: M4
Barrel Length: 16
Barrel Lining: Salt Bath Nitride
Barrel Material: 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium Steel
Brand: Bear Creek Arsenal
Caliber Gauge: 6.5 Grendel Type 2
Feed Ramps: .300 Blackout
Gas Seat Diameter: .750
Gas System Length: Carbine
Platform: AR-15
Thread Pattern: 5/8 X 24
Twist Rate: 1:8
MPN#: B6.5CM41618-M

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I purchased one of these directly from BCA for about 53 dollars shipped two months ago.

I haven't shot it yet, but the overall quality looks great.
+Nice finish
+Nice crown
+Dimpled for easy gas block alignment
+Smooth feed ramps

My general feeling is that it will probably shoot a little over 1 MOA with great ammo.

Here's the deal though. You pay a buck per round for good 6.5 Grendel. If you want precision, you should just pay more up front.

I'd buy this barrel with the intention of shooting Wolf Steel 6.5 Grendel ammo through it.

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Bear Creek is a mixed bag. I have a blackout barrel that is superb. I also bought a ballistic advantage and a bear creek barrel with saber length, gas system, rifling, and material. BA barrel is amazing. BC barrel was 5-7 moa at 100 yards. Got worse when warm. Sent it back under warranty. New ones was 3-4 moa .

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I thought they were going to change their name to OSO ARROYO ARSENAL

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Have this barrel and a ballistic advantage barrel of same length. The BA was on sale for $200. Both installed on Aero P platforms. Performance of the BCA with 3 diff types of ammo very similar to the BA, fwiw. This is a great deal.

3 votes
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