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Tested to NIJ Level IIIA 0106.01 which includes 44 magnum & 9mm and all lesser threats.

- Ballistic Panels: 10x12", HARD ARMOR Constructed from special lightweight Polyethylene materials, tested in accordance with level IIIA Standard 0101.06. Fully Sealed - Polyurea Coated - Corrosion Protection, Structural enhancement, Waterproof, Abrasion Resistance, Decoration
- Shape: Curved
- STAB RESISTANCE: Tested in accordance with the requirements of NIJ0115.00, stab resistance of personal body armor.
- Weight: 1lbs.
- 5 year warranty.
- Assembled in the USA from imported materials.


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Junk didn't have it a year and cracking DONT BUY

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I guess this brings stab-resistance to the table vs. Botach's usual $39 3a-level soft armor? This would be a great price if it was level 3+; give it time, it will get there...

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