Battle Steel Level IV Ballistic Plates - Only 5.5 lbs. & 0.8" Thick - $99.95 (Free S/H)

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Battle Steels Ceramic (SIC) PE Composite ballistic armor plates are tested under NIJ-0101.06 IV body armor standards by H.P. White, Chesapeake. It is capable of stopping at least 3 shots of .30 caliber, 166 grain, AP, and M2 ammunition.

- Tested to NIJ Level IV / NIJ Standard 0101.06
- Multi-hit capability 7.62x51 AP & M855 5.56mm AP
- 10” x 12” Multi-Curve
- Only 5.5 lbs. & 0.8" thick
- Crack-resistant lightweight structure, capable of stopping multiple rounds.
- Assembled in the US from imported materials
- Warranty: 5 years date of sale.

SKU#: BS1012IV

Category: Accessories
Caliber: Survival
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Martyr_Machine's picture

99% of these plate makers are

99% of these plate makers are selling snake oil.

The easy part is stopping the round. The hard part is stopping the bed liner covering from separating from the plate.

First shot separates the bed liner from the plate, every other shot frags your neck and arms.

Then you die.

There is a reason the construction of the military plates is a guarded trade secret.


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1) This is ceramic not

1) This is ceramic not coated steel.
2) Many people who might never actually get shot could be better served with a steel plated that stops the first hit then *might* spall later down the line as opposed to the hypothetical protection of $600 plates they will never buy. I'd personally rather spall in my arm that a .308 wound through the lung. Please note I am not saying a "professional" should buy this.
3) Pretty much every test of decent spall liner (NOT BED LINER) from manufacturer, independent, to redneck "flat rate box tests" (which actually show spall wonderfully) state otherwise.
4) Many manufacturing processes are a trade secret. And? Did Coca-Cola just post their recipe on Twitter and will Pepsi poison you because it is not the same formula? You have body armor made in ceramic, Kevlar, steel, and even out of polyethylene so apparently there is more than one way to skin a snake for their oil.

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" Assembled in the USA from

" Assembled in the USA from imported materials" Your off your rocker if you trust this product with your life.

A smart (and wise) consumer doesn't buy body armor at Botach. Not sure if this armor is actually edge to edge coverage, but I do know cheap Chinese ceramics and cheap Chinese polyethylene is a recipe for death.

The best advise I can give is to buy armor plates from a merchant or manufacturer other than Botach. Sites like are a better way to buy armor.

I pray that anyone that buys this never actually has to count on it to stop a projectile. I know my body armor I can trust, and I didnt pay a fortune for it.

With body armor, you buy the best you can afford, that is the one and only golden rule.

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For $100 it would be easy to

For $100 it would be easy to run your own test and still come out cheaper. The website you posted says "Almost everything made in the USA." That doesn't mean ish. Could just mean made in the USA from imported components. Whats the diff?

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With that being said I am not

With that being said I am not a big fan of Botach. I bought some of their Battle Steel picks recently and I was shocked to find out they were just cheap plastic. Really pissed me off.

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Line my car with these!

Line my car with these!

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NOTE DIMENSIONS: this is 9.5x11.5 [so, a skosh smaller than 10x12, which is a medium plate.] They apparently only offer a full-size 11x14" plate in their level 3 [pistol] rated plate, and that's at $150 per pl8, not this door-buster promo price.

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I bought 2. Now hear me that

I bought 2. Now hear me that I have not shot myself with a 5.56 green tip but the weight is right and the plates look good. Best bang for the buck here. Arrived in about 8 days. My email did get BS spam emails fore a few weeks. Had to block a lot of stuff that I have never gotten before. I strongly believe they share/sale your email address to the highest bidder. Other than that buy buy buy.

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Buy anything on ebay near

Buy anything on ebay near then or shortly before? That is where most mega spam comes from.

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I’ve purchased several items

I’ve purchased several items from Botach the last few months. Zero issues with spam. It’s not them giving up your info.

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