The Battle Steel Discreet Carry Case was designed for everyone. This case allows the carry of a 16" barrel M4 type carbine in two pieces with sixteen 30 round magazines, or a 10" AR type SBR complete as well as an MP5 with A2 full stock or similar SMG with 32 30 round magazines. With it's Mil Spec Webbing Shoulder strap it can be carried comfortably Sling Bag style for rapid deployment of the weapons system in just seconds. With 3 padded divided sections it provides plenty of space to customize your preferred method of carry.

Heavy Duty Zipper for quick opening and D Ring system designed to allow for custom opening options for the "mouth" of the bag by adding Para Cord, accessory Straps or Zip Ties to limit the amount the bag can be opened so the carbine can be quickly accessed for assembly in a seamless and fast deployment.

Its compact size allows for multiple users to sit comfortably in vehicle seats with the bag in the lap or between the legs and still have plenty of room to work.

Once the weapon is deployed the bag serves as a hasty mag and accessory pouch or "Active Shooter" type bag. Easily worn around the neck as a chest rig for quick reloads with its 16 full size 30 round AR type magazine capacity this case will keep you in the fight as long as it takes.

Complete with a generous Velcro Patch for Dept. or agency ID / Logo Etc.

1000 Denier Cordura and all Mil Spec components, this case will serve well and protect your gear from the elements for a lifetime of rugged use.


3 Seperate padded compartments
Hold up to sixteen 30rd magazines or 32 MP5 magazines.
Heavy duty Mil-Spec seatbelt type webbing carry handles and sholder strap
16 D rings to control, limit or customize opening and or carry options
Dual quick release buckle

26 Long x 5 Wide x 8 High & 36 Long x 5 Wide x 8 High
All Mil-Spec Webbing
1000 Cordor Nylon
Carry Handles
Sholder Strap
SKU: BattleSteel-DCWC

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Any recent updates regarding Botach’s shipping & customer service?

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Can be found on ebay cheaper from Botach. $34.39 shipped

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are the mags secured in any way? or they just flop around when in the separate mag area. id like to use it with my sbr mpx thats why i ask.

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With the cases I just received, there is webbing horizontal with intermittent vertical stitching to secure magazines. The “slots” for magazines are more suited to Aluminum/Steel AR Mags.

MPX mags fit with a little wiggle room, as do Scorpion Mags.

Magpul PMAG M3's are no go due to the anti-over-insertion tab

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Great bag for the money. Good quality. Will be buying another.

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