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Nickel Boron (NiB) is a durable bolt carrier group coating that provides reduced friction with excellent corrosion resistance. NiB impregnates the surface and becomes part of the metal. This process produces a surface harder than the metal itself. This characteristic provides overall wear properties superior to hard chromium. While NiB works as a lubricant additional dry film lubricate can be applied. The reduced friction reduces heat generated by metal-on-metal contact, so the gun runs cooler and parts last longer. Easy to clean, too—fouling brushes right off. This allowing for less time spent on cleaning and maintenance compared to the standard Mil-Spec bolt carrier group coating.
- Lubricity
- Wear Resistant
- Smoother Recoil
- Improved Consistency
- Faster Cyclic Rate
- Easier Cleaning
Specification & Technical Information: 
- Type: M16/M4 Full-Auto style
- Weight: 12oz
- Can withstand temperatures up to 2600F
- Provides lubricity and release similar to EN-PTFE
- ASTM B607
- Material: steel, aisi 8620 per astm a108 or astm a322, aircraft quality.
- Heat treat: Carburize to Rockwell 15n 89.5 to 91.0 or equivalent with an effective case depth of .010 to .015. suggested heat treatment: strain relieve at 850°f for 1 hour. liquid carburize at 1550°f for approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes. oil quench. temper at 350° to 375°f for 1 hour.
- Material: Steel-Carpenter C158 gun quality, annealed, and stress relieved to bhn 170 235 aim for 210
- Heat treat:
- 1. Stress relieve at 850°f for one hour
- 2. Carburize for .010-.014 case depth
- 3. Oil quench and temper at 350°f min for one hour min
- 4. Refrigerate to -110°f or lower for two hours min
- 5. Retemper at 350°f min for one hour min
- 6. Effective case depth (15n89/90.5) .010-.014 prior to grind
- 7. Carbides or intergranular precipitates no deeper than .0005 below the surface.
Additional process: steel shot peen entire circumference after heat treat and grind before finish. Use s110 shot .006-.008 A2 intensity in accordance with Mil-S-1316s. Ggrind critical diameters after heat treat. ELECTROLESS NICKEL BORON coated.
- Material: 4140 Steel, gun quality, annealed, cold drawn and stress relieved to bhn 187 229
- Heat treat: austemper suggested procedure heat to 1550°f in neutral salt bath, hold 20-25 min, air cool. final hardness hrc 42-44. Additional process: shot peen detail c after heat treat with s70 shot .006-.008, a2 intensity per mil-s-13165 scatter peening
Gas Key:
- Material: Steel, SAE 4130 per astm a108. bhn 229 max.
- Heat treat: suggested heat treat procedure oil quench from 1575° f, temper at 1100° f for 1 hour. hrc 26-32
Firing Pin:
- Material: steel, 8740, gun quality, annealed, cold drawn and stress relieved to bhn 187 229
- Heat treat: austemper suggested procedure heat to 1525°f, quench @ 600°f hold for 18-20 minutes at temperature. final hardness hrc 45-49
- Additional process: chrome plate per of MIL-STD-171
WARNING This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to (California law requires this warning to be given to customers in the State of California.)
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Link was dead; is this BCG MPI or no?

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Carrier is made by ToolCraft, bolt is Carpenter C158, and made by Manufacturing Partners Inc. The price is actually $89.98, plus $5.99 shipping.

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