The Battle Arms Development Combat Ambidextrous Safety Selector offer traditional 90-degree throw. This AR-15 ambidextrous safety selector is also compatible with AR-10 lower receivers, so you can use it on all your favorite builds. The BAD-CASS safety lever differs from other models in the way that it attaches to the center bar. The dovetail lever attachment reduces the stress on the screws allowing for a much stronger and more secure lock up and if properly torqued to 5 in-lbs should never come loose unless you want to swap levers to one of the many different designs and colors. This set comes with one extended and one short lever with an anodized black finish. If you have a standard AR-15 safety selector and want the ability to quickly manipulate your rifle from either side, the Battle Arms Development Ambidextrous Safety Selector is the one for you. 
- Exclusive for Primary Arms
- Skeletonized safety levers
- 90° standard throw center bar
- Includes one extended and one short safety lever
- 2 black oxide coated Torx screws (5 in-lbs)
- Hardened stainless steel safety detent made by KNS Precision
- Selector detent spring
- T10 Torx L-Key
- CNC machined from bar stock steel
- Made in the U.S.A.
With 81 possible combinations of lever sizes and colors, this AR-15 ambi safety can be customized exactly how you want. This safety selector is also reversible with a 90° throw. This safety selector kit comes with everything you need to install it into your lower receiver like the torx screws, detent, and detent spring. This Primary Arms exclusive model features skeletonized cuts on the levers to reduce weight.
Battle Arms Development, Inc. is a design, research, and development firm focusing on small arms design including firearm components, tools, gauges, accessories, and complete weapon systems. All B.A.D. Inc. products are made in the U.S.A. and held to the highest manufacturing standards to exceed the expectations of the most demanding users.
Brand: Battle Arms Development
Finish: Anodized Black
Material: Steel
Platform: AR-15/AR-308
Throw: 90 Degree

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Lightweight selector switch...because apparently the normal ones weigh too much.

Tacti-cool nonsense.

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These are very nice, I have one on my mega-arms 308.
Will it save you any weight ? maybe a tenth of a gram.....maybe.
Basically it's overpriced bling.

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