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Built as a Solid, General-Purpose Arm
With the Battle Arms Development BAD556-LW pistol, consumers can have a compact, lightweight, easy-to-maneuver platform chambered in a potent, threat-stopping caliber for home defense, hunting or range use. The rifle operates on a standard direct-impingement operating system for reliability and durability.

Each Battle Arms Development BAD556-LW is equipped with a barrel machined from 4150 CM steel, which features a tapered profile and a standard 0.750-inch gas-block journal compatible with a number of aftermarket options. The barrel is machined with accuracy-enhancing 5R rifling and is topped with a threaded muzzle and an 11-degree target crown.

- Chambered in 300 BLK
- Barrel length: 7.5 inches
- All-black finish

Each Battle Arms Development BAD556-LW pistol weighs in at just 4.6 pounds unloaded and ships with a single 30-round magazine.

MPN#: BAD556LWP300

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