The Loaded Gear HD-400 hard case is an edge-to-edge crushproof military case. This loaded Gear military case is built to high quality specifications to withstand extreme weather conditions, crushing, and shock. This shockproof case is designed for storage and transport of larger valuable equipment such as optics, laptops, tablet computers, multiple handguns/ weapons, cameras, camera lenses, sales samples and professional equipment. When closed with the two exterior grasping latches, an o-ring lining forms a watertight and airtight seal that also servers to protect against moisture damage. To equalize atmospheric pressure the HD-400 Loaded Gear tough case features an external air purge valve. Manufactured from anticorrosive material, these tough crushproof equipment cases are ruggedly designed to withstand the elements. With a working temperature of -10°F to 210 °F the HD-400 strong case can withstand freezing arctic cold and searing desert heat. To keep equipment stationary the HD-400 tactical case includes two layers of egg crate foam padding and two layers pre-perforated cubed foam. The cubed foam can be customized to fit the shape of your equipment by removing the small cubes of foam. To safely secure the cases contents, two padlock mounting points are on each corner of the case (case padlock and TSA lock sold separately). For handheld transport the HD-400 features a crushproof solid metal handle with rubber grip. A detachable shoulder strap is also included with the military hard case, so carrying equipment is more comfortable and manageable. This standard size is commonly used as an optics hard case, camera hard case, handgun case, tablet hard case, utility hard case, and an equipment hard case.
Sturdy mobile hard case (with shoulder strap) designed with edge-to-edge crushproof and anticorrosive material
Watertight and airtight protective seal with antibacterial and antifungal properties that serves to prevent moisture damage
External purge valve to equalize atmospheric pressure
Secure grasping latches and 2 padlock mounting points
Additional protection with 2 layers of egg crate foam liner and customizable pre-perforated cubed foam to encase valuables and equipment
Model number#: BH11862

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