SKU: 5165491593
UPC: 602686422116
MFR#: T1-14-50DC1
- Caliber: .45 ACP
- Barrel Length: 16.5"
- Rate of Twist: 1:16 RH
- Overall Length: 39"
- Weight: 12.5 lbs
- Front Sight: Pinned Front Blade
- Rear Sight: Open Adjustable
- Stock: Engraved Walnut
The "Trump Thompson" starts as a Model 1927 Tommy Gun, chambered in .45 ACP. It is entirely manufactured in the USA from quality steel and American walnut. On the right side is engraved an American flag, and the image of our 45th President. His name and 45th are engraved on the receiver. The grip contains his famous quote drawing the line at infringing on Americans' rights. On the right stock are engraved the Presidential Seal, American Flag, and the White House. The grip contains another important quote from President Trump defining the Second Amendment as America's "first freedom". The receiver contains President Trump's promise to "Make America Great Again". The finish is highly durable Cerakote in Armor Black, and Cerakote Clear over high polished flats.

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So we're promoting gun grabbers now?

0 votes
0 votes

Hey, let's make the Thompson somehow look ugly and charge double the price - Whoever made this firearm

0 votes
0 votes

Slow, You say * Take the guns first, go through due process second * if this comment was pointed to Pres. Trump I’ll ask again since you haven’t answered yet “”To whom and when were guns taken with out due process”” by Pres.Trump ? Are you confused and might be talking about the Democrat Mayor Ray Nagin from Louisiana who had firearms illegally confiscated from law abiding citizens during Katrina and convicted of crimes in 2014 ? I can hear the crickets now (SILENCE ) 8-))

0 votes
5 votes

Ya says ur FAKE NEWS - Keep us posted when this will be banned, and keep us posted on ObamaGate with the true prosecutions soon coming up, not like the Fake ones against Pres Trump- Mike Flynn- G. Papadopoulous - R.Stone - Brett Kavanaugh ectra. Talk about bizarre Billy Clinton...Lol lol lol - Enjoy Nov 2020 when millions upon millions of Second Amendment, God fearing, gun toting, American Patriot loving Americans vote in the Honorable Donald J. Trump “again” - now your MUTED I won’t waste my time smacking down a box of used door bells again until you tell me when this will be banned and when Pres Trump bans the Second A. by buy boi - lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol 8–))

0 votes
4 votes

lol, "honorable".

1 vote
0 votes

"We are writing bump stocks out..." It will be funny when this is banned and confiscated because it is easily converted to a machine gun simply by changing the stock. The only people more anti gun than Democrats are Republicans, they manage to pass what Democrats could not and Conservatives celebrate it. What a bizarre world.

3 votes
1 vote

SURPRISE! Red team, Blue Team = SAME TEAM

0 votes
0 votes

Thank You for listing this, What a super nice looking Thompson with Pres. Trump Engraving and entirely made in USA !!

0 votes
0 votes

“Take the guns first, go through due process second...”

5 votes
2 votes

wow, that's terrible

13 votes
1 vote
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