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- Classic look and feel with Parkerized finish
- CNC-machined steel receiver
- Steel folding buttstock and walnut handguard
- Blade front sight and flip-up rear sight

Classic looks and shootability with modern precision. Auto-Ordnance's M1 Carbine Paratrooper semiautomatic Centerfire Rifle sports a CNC-machined steel receiver, 18" steel barrel and steel folding stock with walnut grip and handguard for a traditional feel with exceptional reliability. Front blade sight and adjustable, flip-up-style rear sight. Sling clip at the base of the grip. Includes 15-round stick magazine and green sling. Manufacturer's one-year warranty. Made in USA.

SKU#: IK-292742

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Comments (3)

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I've been lusting after one of these for a couple years and then I handled one at a recent gun show.
As soon as you grab the pistol grip all the good feelings about it vanish in an instant.
It's the WORST grip I've ever felt on a rifle bar none. Not even close.
I have an extra large hand and even to me it felt like a brick.
Much worse than the worst of glocks.
Makes a Hi-point seem like a CZ in comparison.

Do not buy this unless you feel one up first.

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Good gun. I have one shot well... I did upgrade the rear site to an adjustable one. It takes a special tool to do so... my friend was impressed I could shoot out to 100 yards with iron sites..... lol.... people are too dependent on scopes....

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Those are so badass! Wish I could afford one. :)

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