Legion USA just released for sale new VEPR 1VE. Two calibers 5.56x45 and 7.62x39.

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sweet the new VEPRs are coming in. i think i saw this in their newest catalog for 2015.

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Be aware that this company is not honest and has terrible customer service. So if you ever need help, you are pretty much screwed.

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Legion USA sucks, BUT, these rifles *were* EXCELLENT, and I'm certain they had to pull a fast one to import them in the first place.

They're no longer available, and some of the most desirable and rare factory Russian AKs on the market.

Unfortunately, I totally agree about Legion USA. They're awful to deal with.

I purchased a rifle (after multiple purchases from them) and had an issue. They were VERY spiteful when I threatened a card reversal due to their blowing me off.

All I wanted was an exchange, and those dix did their best to act like COMPLETE children during the entire process. (I have THREE witnesses, including my FFL.)

These rare rifles are no longer importable, and are climbing above $2k book value, especially in x39 and x54 calibers, and some RARE 5.56 marked units.

Legion pissed me off so badly, that even if they suddenly "discovered 12 of these in the back corner of the warehouse," and were offering buy one get TWO free, I'd still pass.

Screw Legion.

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