AU Braided AR15/M4 Carbine Length Buffer Spring - $18

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What is the benefit to these,

What is the benefit to these, makes the gun function more quietly?

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No, braided springs are more

No, braided springs are more resistant to failure [breaking] and resist sacking [better longevity.] Bunny McBoingBoing will still live in your stock w/ this, it's just you'll greatly reduce any worries of him going away on short notice after tens of thousands of rounds...

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I'm commenting to remind

I'm commenting to remind myself to get this later

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How does this compare to

How does this compare to strike industries flat wire spring

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I'd go with the flatwire

I'd go with the flatwire myself. I have the Tubbs flatwire in a A2 stock. My brass fall in a neat pile instead of all all over the place with the round spring. This braided seems novel but if it were that great everyone would be doing it.

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The flat spring is more of a

The flat spring is more of a novelty, the famous MG42 and a few other machine guns in history have utilized the braided spring design in the past.

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