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Come see the latest in Smart HD Optics. The ATN X-Sight weapon scopes are powered by the new revolutionary ATN Obsidian Core that runs a suite of sensors to cover all your needs. Perfect clarity in day or night, GPS, Geotag, Wi-Fi, E-zoom, Record HD Video/Images, Compass, Gyroscope, Smart Shooting Solutions and much more. X-Sight - the weapon scope for the 21st century.
Wi-Fi, GPS, Geotag, E-Compass, Velocity, Altitude, Record Video/Still images 1080P HD, Day/Night Use
Capable of recording and outputting an image 1080p full HD resolution at 30fps or 720p at 60fps
Unlike traditional optical systems our electronic zoom offers incredible flexibility in the field
Geotagging has never been easier and more seamless; Record and track everywhere you've been and see it on an interactive map
Built-in Wi-Fi allows a user to connect to mobile device or a desktop computer; Use your phone as a viewfinder, upgrade to the latest firmware
Model number#: DGWSXS518A

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This is for the GEN 1....i bought it and already got it. Brand new in box and fast shipping. Haven't taken it out shooting yet, but looks cool at night in the backyard.

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I have the 3-14x version of this scope it's pretty neat, there are things that I LOVE about it like the one shot zero being able to record / take pictures and the ballistic calculations even though I haven't went a long distance to see if they are accurate.

There are definitely downsides.. It chews through batteries, I actually switched over to a 10,000mah battery pack connected via micro usb to use it long enough to have fun at the range which adds weight to an already super heavy scope. If you are also buying this for the night vision just know it's quasi night vision at best with the IR flashlight which adds yet more weight.

All in all fun to have, fun to shoot and it showcases how technology is going to change the game in optics I can't imagine how good these things are going to be 2-3 iterations down the road :)

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My only concern is this price is lower than the historic low for the 2nd gen SD X-sight, yet it claims to be the latest HD version; given the "pre-order" status, it seems likely that this is a 3rd-party vendor scammer, out to take the $ from orders & disappear, and leave Jeff Bezos holding the bag to make up for their thievery. No proof, just speculation based upon past experience w/ prices "too good to be true" on A-zon...

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Agree, never seen these before but looking at the price list this is 50% or less of the going price on these.. high probably of scam.

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