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The ultimate hunting scope has arrived. You'll love all of the high-tech features the ATN ThOR-HD, 640x480 Sensor, 1-10x Thermal Smart HD Rifle Scope w/WiFi has to offer. Equip these Thermal Imaging Scopes by ATN on a hunt and you can detect, recognize and identify your prey at any time of day. Utilizing the Obsidian Core & UI, the ATN ThOR-HD Thermal Hunting Scope is designed to operate like a highly specialized computer - running a suite of sensors and crunching massive files in a matter of milliseconds. Throw in a ballistic calculator, Recoil Activated Video (RAV) and a smart rangefinder, and you have one of the most advanced thermal imaging scopes on the market. Pick up the ATN ThOR-HD 2.5-25x Thermal Recording Scope for your next hunt and impress your buddies by taking down big game in low light conditions.

UPC: 658175112334

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Edited?! Musta been gold Jerry!!!!!

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If this thing had a cappuccino maker built in, I’m sold!

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