Showroom demos may have light blemishes or handling marks but are not mounted or fired.

Caliber: 5.56x45
Weight: 6 lbs.
Rifle Overall Length: 27.3" Collapsed, 31.3" Extended
Action: Semi-Auto
Trigger: Single Stage
Safety: Standard
Rifle Barrel Length: 10.3"
Rifle Barrel Twist: 1:7" RH
Rifle Stock: 6-position collapsible
Magazines Included: (1) 30 round
Iron Sights Yes
Caliber or Gauge: 5.56 x 45mm NATO
Handedness Right Hand
Item Condition Like New Demo
UPC 651984020111

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It's usually just the fudds I have to explain it too, most anyone with an AR knows about them if they've had it over a year. I was really surprised when the SBA3 came out, was like "this must be a trick by the ATF to get to kill everyone's dogs". Took a while to find someone that was able to state that they let it pass because of the proprietary tube, bought one on the spot.

I think the only reason the ATF flip flopped on shouldering is because they realized barely anyone uses a rifle to kill, let alone an SBR, and even fewer with a brace. The whole thing is just a money game anyway, the parts are readily available and can be swapped in minutes, so there is nothing really stopping a criminal. Except for the fact that luckily most of them are idiots.

3 gun makes much more sense, enthusiasts aren't as dumb as the atf.

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Who in their right mind is still paying $200 for an SBR tax stamp? Thought the SBA3 had killed the SBR market... this is not a deal

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I think a lot of people feel the "brace" thing isn't real / legal or it will get outlawed at any time. Every time I explain to a fellow gun owner how my AR-15 or CZ Scorpion are actually "pistols," I get the 'were you dropped as a child look' because they cannot believe the shape of the stock...err "brace" can change the definition of the entire firearm.

Also, I think a lot of 3-gun competitions do not allow shouldering of "pistols."

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Especially since a brace can be transported anywhere and an SBR needs ATF notification to cross state lines, and requires you to have paperwork on you at all times.

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