AR500 Armor Veritas Plate Carrier - Black - $44

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The AR500 Armor® Veritas™ is our modular plate carrier embodiment fueled by years of feedback and evaluation as a body armor manufacturer. Fusing every desirable feature into a finely crafted, cost effective modular system with no compromise. The result astounded even us. The Veritas™ is one of our signature plate carriers, and with that represents what the AR500 Armor® R&D team, and brand stand for. The Veritas™ by AR500 Armor® is designed to compete, scale, and leave you wanting for nothing.

Accepting 10” x 12” body armor of all types the Veritas™ Plate Carrier features a minimalistic profile without sacrificing real-estate and is smaller, but more modular, than its larger kin the Testudo™. Intense care was given to material choice in effort to forge a comfortable, ventilated, and lightweight plate carrier. Durable 3D mesh lines both the inner plate pockets with inlayed soft loop Velcro pontoon attachment points. Removeable mesh padded shoulder pads are included, each featuring tri-loop guides and attachment points. The low-profile emergency drag handle traverses through the entire back half of the plate carrier for increased strength. Broad 2” side buckles secure the adjustable straps, and are user removeable for increased comfort when running the Veritas™ cummerbund.

Each row of webbing and all high stress points are Bar-Tack stitch reinforced for durability. All webbing features soft loop for versatility. Dual upper and lower admin pockets provide ample built in storage and scalability for the Veritas™ cummerbund system, and kangaroo pouch. Upper admin pocket features inner elastic divided keepers for gear retention. Easy-to-grip Hypalon pull tabs embrace each pocket for accessibility in all conditions. Generous upper front & rear soft loop Velcro panels easily accommodate patches and large ID panels.

The entire construction is genuine 500D Cordura nylon for the perfect balance of durability and weight reduction. Impact resistant made in the USA buckles reduce failure points in these critical areas where many carriers fail. Front chest rig mounts are compatible with all common chest rig adapters, along with rear vertical load bearing attachment points. Both allowing for upper or lower mounting positions.

AR500 Armor® Veritas™ Modular Plate Carrier Features:

Professional grade craftsmanship and components
Ventilating 3D Mesh Inner Lining
Modularity for user configuration and expansion
Webbed Velcro and Large front & Rear ID Panels
Reinforced Emergency Drag Handed
Padded and Removeable Shoulder Straps
Rugged adjustable and Removeable Side Buckles
Vertical Chest Mount Adapter Webbing
Vertical rear backpack mounts
Dual Admin Pocket, upper with Elastic keepers for utility
Hypalon Easy-to-grip pull tabs
Impact resistant USA Made Buckles
Genuine Cordura 500D Nylon
Reinforced stitching and bar-tacks through all high stress points and webbing


Category: Accessories
Caliber: Survival
Brand: AR500 Armor
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made in china?

made in china?

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These guys are spamming their

These guys are spamming their products on here. Nobody has found out for sure if their steel is really AR500. With the recall site someone posted in the comments, I’ll pass on this company.

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Has anybody purchased their

Has anybody purchased their armor what are your thoughts?

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sasquatch's picture

I think I'll

This ad is for their plate

This ad is for their plate carrier.

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Yes but he was replying to

Yes but he was replying to "Has anybody purchased their ***armor*** what are your thoughts?"

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Use the code "twangnbang" and

Use the code "twangnbang" and get an extra $2 off. Note: The item is on back-order, but really, great price for a quality plate carrier.

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Just got mine in yesterday

Just got mine in yesterday (12-18-17), after ordering it on 11-30-17. The fit is great, everything looks pretty good on the stitching, and I have no complaints yet. Feels light as a feather with the Level III plates in, and the PALS matrices are solidly on. Gotta get it to the range and play with it some, though, to really see what this carrier's about.

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Sweet, I ordered a Testudo

Sweet, I ordered a Testudo with plates on 12/8, hopefully it comes in the same time as yours, which should make it about 12/26-12/27 or so.

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Their lead time is currently

Their lead time is currently 2-3 weeks. My order was placed 12/6 and hasn't shipped as of 12/18. Good thing I bought this for myself and not as a gift. I'm going to cancel and buy something from Amazon.

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Anyone knows what shipping

Anyone knows what shipping costs? Takes umpteen pages and a job application to get to that page.

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8 or 12 I believe it deoends

8 or 12 I believe it deoends on the weight

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Looks like decent kit; only

Looks like decent kit; only have one small issue with the company and their business ethic:

The night before Black Friday, James Yeager (yeah yeah, I know) had a video posted on his channel saying that these would be HALF OFF, BUY EM NOW, his usual salesman schtick - Ok, so what?

/watch?v=vTqiOmPfwmM Watch at 6:55

Now, yes, Yeager could have simply just made a mistake. However, he actually called Zack from while filming, and I'm certain Zack watched the video once it was published.

It's hard to fathom that the guys at were unaware he was plugging them at 32 bucks on Black Friday.

Also of note, James checked his email from them and read it verbatim in the video confirming (through info received from the company) that it will indeed be half off... (@ 7:30)

Wellll... Black Friday came around and lo and behold, the Veritas was 44 bucks (still a good deal), but people started to ask on the comments section of the video 'Hey, where's the 32 dollar/half off deal on the Veritas?'

The company simpy said 'Nope, 44 bucks is it.' despite them having to know that people were expecting this supposed 'half off sale' (32 bucks) they were supposed to be running.

So yeah, its only 12 bucks - but it's genuinely the principle of the thing.

For the owner to allow information to be put out there that outright says they will give you price X, and then when it comes down to it, to change the deal completely with no explanation whatsoever gives me pause.

They seem like good guys, and the kit looks decent (especially for the price), but it didn't sit well with me, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who noticed this misstep.

If Yeager said it and it WAS an error, whoever mentioned his video should have still got them for half off, and Yeager could right it with them, since it was his error - but I have a feeling he was literally going by what info they sent him. No matter what the deal, they should have stood behind the published advertised price, even if they had to eat the loss. Run a loss leader out of the gate, and make up for it later on.

Not a great first impression of their business ethics.

Time will tell whether this is a pattern of behavior on their part.

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Dude you are TOTALLY RIGHT.i

Dude you are TOTALLY RIGHT.i agree

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cp2004's picture

That's my thoughts exactly. I

That's my thoughts exactly. I went to their website Friday morning and saw the price wasn't correct. I went ahead and made my purchase anyway. My order was in process for almost 5 days without any funds taken out of my account. I emailed them and this was the response from Jake "Currently many orders have been under review for fraud due to the volume of orders that we have, we are currently working through the issue.". I said okay sounds good and a few days later my order was processed. Fine. I emailed about the price from what was stated on the video and Kyle over there sent this to me "Unfortunately, Mr. Yaeger did misquote some prices. We apologize for the inconvenience.".

Now, I get that he "misquoted" some things but whenever the phone call came up it was stated it was correct and not an error. Hell I understand business and they should honor the individuals that stated what was said from the video and had him take the video down. But NO. Piss poor call for the guys at AR500 for a first impression and ethics.

I was hoping to do more business with them but as you said X722 "Time will tell whether this is a pattern of behavior on their part". It's been 2 weeks now and my brother still hasn't received his order.

I may make 1 more order again but if that takes another bad turn I may just have to run with DFNDR.

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Will REAL armor (esapi) fit

Will REAL armor (esapi) fit in these or are they just for steel targets?

0 votes
1 vote

Just because a plate isn’t

Just because a plate isn’t ESAPI doesn’t mean it’s not REAL armor, you pitiful tacticool armchair operator.

0 votes
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Still for sale

Still for sale

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cp2004's picture

I purchased 2 of these and

I purchased 2 of these and the Level III plates for each last week.

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You could have had one set of

You could have had one set of REAL armor for what you paid for those 4 steel targets. Stock up on the celox and pressure bandages for all the spall fragments in case you ever take a round on the plate.

1 vote
4 votes

Where the hell can you get

Where the hell can you get new ESAPI plates for the cost of 4 steel ones?!? I am sure you know better than the rest of us that used ceramic plates are a gamble at best unless you have them don't link to any of those ;)

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Are you still popping off

Are you still popping off about this company’s stuff? Did the owner of AR500Armor steal your girlfriend or pull your pants down in front of a school assembly or something, because you seem to have a real hard-on for whining about their products.

No one cares what some mall ninja thinks about affordable body armor, and the average citizen doesn’t need ceramic Level IV plates that it’s highly unlikely they will ever actually have to use.

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He's not an average citizen

He's not an average citizen bro. He's straight operator. Do you even mag dump bro?

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