The Veritas Plate Carrier is the main component of an adjustable armor system that allows you to adapt to your changing needs; the key to this system is the included magazine pouches, which can be attached for easy access. Other (sold separately) parts include a cummerbund, kangaroo pouch, upper admin pouch, and side plate pouches. These can be added later on for more options or left off for lighter weight. As part of its adjustability, the Veritas can also be made to fit anywhere from a Medium to an XXL. Genuine 500D Cordura® nylon makes up the bulk of the carrier. For comfort and ventilation, a 3D mesh pads much of the carrier.  Our A1 steel plates are rated to defeat 5.56x45 M855A1 (AP) round at velocities of up to 3,100 FPS, 7.62x51 M61 (AP) round at velocities up to 2800 FPS, and all lesser threats with multi-hit capability. Also, thanks to the custom steel alloy blend, it is able to protect against several hits without shattering or breaking like ceramic or polyethylene would. It also provides the same protection on the edges as it does in the center, giving you true edge-to-edge coverage. Included in this package are Trauma Pads which are to be worn behind a plate to protect you from the blunt impact of the bullet. Included: 1 x Veritas Modular Plate Carrier 2 x A1 Plates - 10" x 12" Base Coat 2 x Blunt Force Trauma Pads - 10" x 12" Upgrades Available: Discounted Protector Helmet at only $299 Upgrade Your Loadout1 x Multi-Caliber Rifle Magazine Double Pouch 1 x Cummerbund Kit 2 x Single Padded Side Plate Pouches 2 x A1 Plates - 6" x 8" Base Coat
MPN#: veritas-hero-package

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