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[Advantages]Many firearms enthusiast collect their brass after shooting. Trying to find all your brass on the ground could be time consuming and dirty. Not to mention you will not find it all. Ideagle Brass Catcher is committed to meeting user needs. Collect the brass easily and effectively, stay away of pain. Only need half of the market price.
Zipper Design - Zipper closure at the bottom of the mesh bag allows you to empty the spent brass simply.
Durable Mesh Bag - Upgraded heat resistant mesh makes brass catcher firm and durable, it can prevent hot brass from wearing/melting a hole during use.
Easy to install - Our brass catcher is versatile enough to work on any style rifle that has a picatinny rail.
Bearing Weight - Easily holds 100 rounds of empty brass.No need to waste time in picking up brass from range.

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“They’re all gonna laugh at you!” - Adam Sandler

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I guess whoever took that picture has never handled an AR? Or does it somehow magically attract the brass flying out the other side of the weapon? Also, does it make some sort of sense that the brass catcher contains only unfired rounds?

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