AR15 80% Lower Receiver (Cerro Forge) - $26

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California legal  

We negotiated discounted pricing for this batch. Now we're extending that pricing to our loyal customers as a thank you!

We will maintain this price until we're sold out. It's doubtful that we'll be able to get the price this low

The 80% AR-15 Lower Receiver is NOT an FFL item. These units are forged by Cerro, which produces the forgings for companies such as Colt, Spikes Tactical Daniel Defense, DPMS and other major manufacturers. No FFL is required for transfer and machining is needed is to finish out the trigger and safety well on the lower. The ATF classifies these units as non-firearms. No registration required. These units are “finished in the white”and need to be blasted for either Anodizing or Cerakote finishing.


80% Lower Specs:

80% Machined (Just needs trigger and safety well machined)
7075 Aluminum
T6 Heat Treated
Magwells are flared and broached.
Cerro Forge (KeyHole)

Category: Gun Parts
Caliber: Lowers
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That is correct

That is correct

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So these have no finish and

So these have no finish and require a coating?

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If you want to do it

If you want to do it "milspec" yeah needs type III hard-anodizing. Reduces conductibility of electricity and improves surface hardness. Or do like I did: Black Spray Paint.

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RunningIsGood4U's picture

I don't think they require a

I don't think they require a coating, though doing so would tighten up the fit between upper and lower. I'm pretty sure people run home completed lower receivers bare all the time.

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I received one about 5 days

I received one about 5 days ago. Looks good to me! 32 dollars shipped

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Ordered two a few weeks ago

Ordered two a few weeks ago and they shipped super fast. I had them in my hands within a few days. Rear pocket already milled out very nice finish ready for cerakote will be getting more :)

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The description

The description says..."Safety Pictograms on both sides" and when looking at this on their site, it shows a three position "pictogram".

What ever became of the ATF case/fishing expedition against the person that had the three positions depicted on his/her lower?

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I think they're referring to

I think they're referring to the engravings being on both sides of the lower receiver (left and right) not Safe-Fire-Full Auto as I think you're referring.

Every 100% lower receiver I've seen has all three selector positions.

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Shipping is reasonable.

Shipping is reasonable. Under $50 total for me. Cerro? Don't pass this by if you are in the market. Great deal.

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