This AR-STONER barrel features a 5.56x45mm NATO chamber for full compatibility with surplus mil-spec ammunition or commercial 223 Remington ammunition. These barrels are constructed of chrome moly steel with a threaded muzzle and barrel extension which features M4 Feed Ramps. Additionally, these barrels feature a Melonite coating which provides a thinner surface than chrome-lining, so bore friction is reduced for better accuracy. In addition, melonite is harder than chrome-lining providing a longer wear life. 
MPN#: 529337
UPC#: 197706529337

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Midway is offering free shipping over 49$. This barrel was originally listed at $120. I’ll try it. Free shipping code “freeship1622”

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As a FYI, almost all the “AR Stoner” barrels are just remarked Bear Creek Arsenal.

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