The AR Freeman™ is a great carrier for the citizen who wants easy don and doff of a minimal footprint carrier with all the protection of NIJ compliant Level III plates. Compact in size it will travel well or take up little space next to your bed. For citizens who already have a full-sized carrier this is the perfect addition of armor for home protection or for smaller family members. The small footprint also makes it an excellent choice for competitive shooters as well who may have to wear body armor during competitions but don’t want to be weighted down and restricted in their movements by the extra pouches and gear on their operational carrier.

The key here is the specially cut 9” x 9” octagonal NIJ 0101.06 standard Level III plates, at 5 lbs. each +/- 10%, which provide vitals coverage with no restrictions to your movements or the positioning and firing of your weapon. The AR Freeman™ carrier is made of a laser cut laminate Cordura front, and 500D back with enough MOLLE for up to three (3) magazine pouches. There is Velcro on the front and back for ID patches, and on the inside for pontoons (comfort sets). The Hypalon shoulders make it perfect for shouldering a rifle unobstructed and in comfort. The single buckle sides make for quick donning and doffing. Available in sizes from medium to XL in Black or Coyote. This is a great carrier for home, office, vehicle or your bug out location should things go south.

Colors: Black or Coyote
Armor Compatibility: Specially cut 9” x 9” octagonal NIJ 0101.06 standard Level III plates, at 5 lbs. each +/- 10%

Package Includes:

AR Freeman Carrier
(2) AR500 Armor® Steel 9" x 9" Body Armor (Multi-curved, Base Coat)
AR Freeman™ Modular Plate Carrier Features:

Professional grade craftsmanship and components
MOLLE system to accommodate up to three (3) magazine pouches
Rugged adjustable and Removeable Side Buckles
Hypalon shoulders for weapons comfort
Impact resistant USA Made Buckles
Laminated laser-cut Cordura front, Cordura 500D Nylon back

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10-12 week wait time

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Does this come with plates? What is meant by 'with Armor Independance Day Package'?

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Yes it comes with plates, got one of these last year on sale and upgraded to full coating and curves. Well worth it imo.

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This plate carrier setup was on sale last year for 99 but hasn't sold for that price since that sale. I am not affiliated with ar500 just own some of their armor and follow their sales.

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this is their $99 deal. How is it a deal at $119?

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The times..... Just a guess. Here's an equation to help you understand the price increases.

Corona(protest + protest ) = X

X = $ increase on guns ammo and armor....if you are able to find it.

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