Bear Creek Arsenal AR-15 Rifle .223/5.56 NATO w/ Carry Handle, A2 Sights, 2 Mags and Hard Case - $469.99

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AR-15 Rifle .223 / 5.56 Nato Caliber Semi Auto Target Ready Rifle W / M4 Conture Barrel, 2 - 30 Round Mags and Hard Case by Bear Creek Arsenal... Also Includes Mounted Detachable A3 Carry Handle W/ A2 Sights
Product Specs
Barrel: 4140 Steel ,16" Length 1x9 Twist
A2 Flash Hider Manganese Phosphated
Phosphated under Front Sight Base Taper Pins on A2 Front Sight Base
Threaded Muzzle M-4 Style Barrel
Chamber: 5.56 X 45 mm ( .223 Rem ) Bolt And Carrier: Phosphated 8620 Steel
Carrier Assembly Carpenter 158 Bolt Heat Treated and Plated Mil-Spec Chrome Lined Carrier
Interior Carrier Key - chrome lined, attached with Grade 8 Screws Properly Staked & Sealed Gas Key
• Dramatically Improves Sight Pictures and Enhances Shooting Accuracy
• Exact Precision/Tolerances to Fit All Model 4/15 Variants
• Rugged Aluminum/Steel Construction with Matt-Black Finish to Withstand the Harshest Environment and to Meet Most Demanding Requirements
• Precise MOA Windage and Elevation Adjustment in Accordance with Current Military Requirements
• Complete with Dual Aiming Apertures
• Exact Height to Co-witness with Standard Front Sight and Most Electronic Dot Sights
• One Piece Integral Picatinny Mounting Deck Fits All Flat Tops
• Equipped with Locking Retention Thumb Nut
Caliber .223 Remington/5.56 NATO

Category: Rifles
Caliber: 223/5.56
Brand: Bear Creek Arsenal
MPN: CR556CM41619P-2
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Does a bear shit in the

Does a bear shit in the woods? Are these shit?

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Red lights are flashing.

Red lights are flashing. Look up MMC and their POS handiwork now relabeled as Bear Creek.

You can buy a Delton for less than this if you're price sensitive.

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PSA still winning this one,

PSA still winning this one, by Ptac ot their new Freedom line with (Wilson Arms? air-gauged) barrels. Carry handle and maybe bag would be the only value items in comparison.

I'd still roll my own with melonited ATI (Mossberg) barrels from AIM, and their blem complete uppers (free ship).

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MMC!!!! These are the same as

MMC!!!! These are the same as the MMC. Why would a company change it's name? Hmmmmm Do your research.

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You have to worry when they

You have to worry when they list the mfgr of the case and not the rifle.

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LoL! That's the OEM of the

LoL! That's the OEM of the rifle, not the case... these dont seem to have great reputation, but that's AK price territory for an AR. Well, depends on S&H.

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the posting and listing at

the posting and listing at classic has been changed since i made my orginal comment

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Gotcha, sorry...

Gotcha, sorry...

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