6061 billet upper reciever
8.5″  5.56 NATO barrel 1:7 twist
7″ Free Float keymod handguard
.750 steel gas block
Pistol length gas tube
A2 Muzzle Break

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I've bought from Durkin before. Both times the assemblies I bought were not fully tightened down. Just make sure after you receive it that you basically make sure everything has been tightened properly. My first one had the hand guard go flying off down range after a few shots. Okay maybe not "flying" but it did fall off and go a few feet over the line into the shooting area much to my chagrin.

Also note that there is a $13 shipping fee on orders.

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300 aac blackout $129 just added.

Also we no longer do any business with bear creek after the illegal immigrant fiasco they had and hearing they source all parts from China and just finish them here to call the US made

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If you don’t mind key mod rail or no forward assist. It looks like a good deal with the SS barrel. Be a better deal with the short barrel if it was chambered in 7.62x39 or .300 blk. for $119.

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