AR-15 1/2x28 Threaded .223 5.56 Thread-On Fake Can Muzzle Brake

$24.99 + FREE FAST Shipping!

CNC Machined High Quality Aluminum Billet
1/2"x28 Thread Pitch
Solid Machined Construction
Type 3 Anodized Finish
Reduces Muzzle Rise
223/556 Application
Inside Diameter 0.76"
Measures 6.15 Inch Total Length
Weight 3.9oz
MPN#: F55

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Honestly who actually uses this crap and what kind of tools give this a thumbs up?

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Answer: Unfortunately we have a growing population of basement dwelling morons, due to piss poor parenting, shitty schools, video games, and social media. These losers buy crap like this to impress other morons on social media.

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