FREE Anti Walk Pins With Purchase Of Polymer 80% Lower Reciver-(Made In USA) - $29.95



Strengthened rear buffer tower.
Unmarked pin guides.
Precision drilled Pivot and take down pins.
Kevlar reinforcement like no other.
Flared magwell.
Oversized pivot pin housing.
Oversized Buffer tube neck.
Safe/Fire marking on receiver.
Integrated trigger guard for easier use.
Rear lug area already completed.
Made in the U.S.A.
Limited Lifetime Warranty (Through Black Rifle Depot).
Chemical and corrosion resistant
Lightweight design.
Pistol grip hole unthreaded and undersized so the 1/4x20 LPK screw will cut very tight threads for a firm fit.
Patterns in plastic may vary.

FREE Anti Walk Pins With Purchase Of Polymer 80% Lower receiver!

Anti walk pins hold hammer and trigger in precise alignment without the free play and camming action that prevents a clean and consistent trigger letoff. Moly impregnated to reduce friction. Hex-head screws locate pins to frame, eliminate the need for the hammer J spring. Installation may require reaming hammer for proper fit.

416R Stainless Construction
Parkerized Black Finish
Includes Pins, Set screws And Allen Wrenches
Made In The USA
Lifetime Warranty

Category: Gun Parts
Caliber: Lowers
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deadhorse's picture

Great lower, arrived super

Great lower, arrived super fast, (3days after order) looks to be pretty dang beefy compared to other poly's I have used in the past, it is not cheap or "toy" plastic feeling, feels pretty dense for polymer, looks forward to milling building this live on gunchannels

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Black Rifle Depot's picture

It is kevlar reinforced,

It is kevlar reinforced, similar to fiberglass fibers but kevlar

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Protholl's picture

Already using my 5d Tactical

Already using my 5d Tactical pro jig on aluminum lowers with great results. So now I'm ready to try out a polymer lower 80 percent... with this piece in this thread. My only worry is what most have seen... low structural strength in the buffer-tube thread area and around the rear take-down pin. I guess I'm another pioneer.... =)

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Shippung was good. Got

Shippung was good. Got everything pretty quick and went together fast. Nice lower

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Brd3621 My order #

My order #

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Ordered a few days ago. Cant

Ordered a few days ago. Cant wait to try it. I didnt see on my invoice that the pins were included. Still no shipping info either.

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Black Rifle Depot's picture



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Can you use a regular jig

Can you use a regular jig with the polymer ?

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Protholl's picture

Works with the 5D tactical

Works with the 5D tactical jig pro as well.. I've done two lowers so far. The anti-walk trigger pins are a bonus as the most likely thing to wobble is trigger pins in this polymer lower (IMHO).

I did have to use an actual buffer tube on my second lower as buffer-tube thread mount on the 5d rig tried to cross-thread. This didn't happen on the first lower. YMMV?

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Yeah, I've done it about 6

Yeah, I've done it about 6 times with my Anderson jig on the polymer lowers. Polymer lowers are a lot easier to work with and if you know what you're doing it'll turn out great. All of mine have been EP Armory lowers so I can attest to their quality & the one time I had an issue with a defective lower, they had me cut it in half & ship it back to them. They sent me a new one for free the very next day.

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Would love to know the same

Would love to know the same thing, tempted to purchase a couple sets to test.

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They work great in a jig, the

They work great in a jig, the EP Armory lowers are pretty forgiving and if you've never done an 80% lower I'd absolutely suggest doing one of these first as it'll allow you to work out the kinks in your technique before moving to aluminum.

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Anyone have experience with

Anyone have experience with these? Wonder how they compare to KNS pins.

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