Don't let a missing detent or spring put your build on hold! We recommend always having one or two of these on-hand.

LIMIT: 1 Per Order

Anderson Manufacturing OOPS! Kit Includes:
Bolt Catch Detent, Bolt Catch Pin 3/32″ x 1/2″ Coiled Pin, Bolt Catch Spring, Buffer Detent, Buffer Detent Spring, Disconnect Spring, Magazine Catch Spring for AR15, Safety Selector Detent for AR15, Safety Selector Spring, Take Down Pivot Pin Detent (2 needed per rifle), Detent Take Down Spring (2 needed per rifle), Hammer Spring mil spec, 1/8 x 5/8 coiled Roll Pin for Trigger Guard, Trigger and Hammer Pin for AR15 (2 needed per rifle) and a Trigger Spring single stage mil-spec

SKU# 1348

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This is awesome. Im a gunsmith so having a few of these kits on hand at work is a lifesaver! Thanks AR15 DIscounts and Anderson!!

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