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Here we have a complete, open trigger assembled Lower. Lower parts kit installed, and comes with a Magpul® 6-position stock and pistol grip. Multi-cal, for 5.56 or 300 BLK, whatever's your pleasure. Multi-caliber, can be used 5.56 NATO or .300 AAC Blackout Lower parts kit installed Mil-spec buffer tube Magpul 6-position buttsock Magpul pistol gripOrder today! Key Specifications Item Number: 661605 Caliber(s): Multi Furniture: Magpul® Mfg. Number: AM-COM-LWR MAGP
SKU#: E636B-661605
UPC#: 640901512914 ($208.99)

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Seems high when PSA often offers their Magpul lower with NiBo trigger for $170.

2 votes
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yes i agree, about twenty dollars cheaper with free shipping and you dont need a silly overpriced membership to get it. psa for the win

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Anderson Lower: 49.99
Anderson LPK: 49.99
Magpul Stock: 32.00
Magpul Grip: 12.00
Total: ~143.00

FFL Fee: 30
Total: 173.00

Still doesn't add up toi 199.49

2 votes
0 votes

mmmm ima need bout tree fiddy

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0 votes
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