Anderson Complete Open Trigger Assembled Lower. This includes Lower Parts Kit installed and Magpul 6 position Butt Stock assembly and Magpul Pistol grip. The perfect receiver to allow you to drop on an upper, push the pins, and head to the range. Great Anderson quality. Please note that you have to be AT LEAST 21 in order to receive transfer of this firearm.****Please Note: Due to a change in materials available to Anderson Manufacturing, this model no longer features the stainless steel hammer or trigger pictured.
MPN#: B2-K402-B000
UPC#: 640901512914

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PSA complete lower with the same Magpul stock/grip is only $10 more right now and that includes a better EPT trigger.

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It's only $110 over at Battle Creek armory. Website is a little archaic and shipping is high, but they're usually the cheapest.

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The complete lower priced at $110.69 that you linked to is not quite the same. BattleHawk's current price for UPC: 640901512914 that is being advertised here on this "deal" page is $143.49.

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Can’t ship to CA…

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