Anderson 16" M4 Upper without Bolt - $223.99 after coupon "SK1553" (Members Only)


A brand you can trust. Need an Upper for your firearm? Look no further than this quality Anderson to give you some smooth shooting.
Fire away:
Made for .223
16" M4 contour barrel
1/8 twist
7075 T6 forged upper receiver
2-Pc. hand guard
Anderson Low Pro gas block
Knight Stalker flash hider
Does not include bolt carrier group or charging handle.
Item # A5A-622024

Category: Gun Parts
Caliber: Uppers
Brand: Anderson Manufacturing
UPC: 640901514871
MPN: 74603-UP-NO-BCG
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I wish Anderson would offer

I wish Anderson would offer some other muzzle device other than a FH. How about a brake or comp instead of a take it or leave it FH...

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Funny thing is its not SG

Funny thing is its not SG putting their deals on here, it's other happy customers such as myself. Just cause you live in the commie state of California doesn't mean other folks should hate SG or not want to do business with them. But obviously the "entitled" mentality of California rubbed off and everything should be your way right?

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It's so funny how people talk

It's so funny how people talk so much shit about SG, I've bought ALOT of items, guns, parts etc from them and I've never encountered a single issue. Always had great service, fast shipping and quality stuff. With the membership you can find some great deals. Some people complain about the membership aspect of SG but nowadays tons of company's use the membership system to promote business and I don't see a problem with it. A few bucks a year to save hundreds seems to work for me. Yes, cheaper deals can be had at times but quite often I've found the best deals at SG. The other awesome feature I use quite often is there no credit needed 4xpay plan. You can buy any merchandise, including guns and ammo totaling over $150 and make 4 easy payments on it. And they ship your stuff after the first payment! Works out nice for those expensive toys you've always wanted but couldn't drop the butt load of cash on, or if you find a great sales buy you can scoop up a handful of them and get them at that price and make payments! I myself enjoy SG and am more than happy to continue to use their website and give them my hard earned money. But to each their own right?

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It's $191.01 shipped

It's $191.01 shipped ($212.23-10%) directly from Anderson:

The same plane gas block one is $207.82 shipped ($230.91-10%)

$306.30 shipped ($340.33-10%) with BCG and charging handle:

Use code Dad2016 for 10% off and free shipping. One time use per customer, must be logged in.

Lots of other options as well.

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Tahoe, I encountered

Tahoe, I encountered something similar in that they wouldn't ship a firearm to my zip code saying it was restricted. It in fact was not, and I had already purchased the same item from an FFL in the same zip code. I emailed them asking what was up and they said they are trying to abide by the myriad state laws and can't know them all or stay current as they are changing all the time. I was told that case by case they approve those shipments if contacted by the customer. Sounds legit to me.

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Sportsmans Guide won't ship

Sportsmans Guide won't ship perfectly legal "assault weapon parts" to Calif, that even includes scopes that are sold at big 5 and Walmart in Calif. Why? Because they don't want to "look bad" to other customers. Clearly whomever runs Sportsmans Guide has thier head where the sun doesn't shine!

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What? Your problem should be

What? Your problem should be with California. Businesses will make money wherever they can. You should spend your energy trying to reform that liberal cancer on the left coast that infects the rest of the U.S.

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GunStarHero's picture

Someone should also spend

Someone should also spend more energy ridding Slickguns of the Sportmans Guide cancer being spammed here everyday. Some actual legit deals here are being washed away in the tide of their viral marketing.

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2 votes

If this is the same Anderson

If this is the same Anderson upper that's been $221 shipped at Wise Arms for months now (and it appears that it is), I don't see why you'd bother with backordering and coupon shenanigans to save a buck and then still have to pay for shipping. And Wise gives you the option of deleting the handguard and saving $5 more, which is great if you're just planning on slapping a Magpul or a rail on there (or if you're like me and have some spare handguards lying around).

Save your "SN365" coupon for something else, like maybe the S&W BCG for $65-ish and a charging handle for $25-ish... then you have a complete upper for $310 or so. Add a blemished lower from PSA ($140 shipped as of right now) or a blemished Anderson lower (available occasionally for $140), and you're in for a $450 beater (plus FFL fees of course). Or just buy a complete upper from Wise for $315 shipped and end up at around the same price. Don't see why you'd pay almost a hundred more for a S&W Sport, unless you want/need the warranty.

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