Yeah. We know you like to keep your things organized.
Now, you can know what caliber is in what ammo can!

Product Feature:
Easy to identify;These are very easy to see on ammo box.
Can be identified from a distance
3"x1" professionally printed ammo stickers.
Raiseek prints the stickers with high quality durable outdoor laminated vinyl.
Be sure the surface is smooth clean and dirt free before applying the skin.
Sticks great to metal and plastic.
16 pcs Tags include .380 ACP, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, 5.56 X 45, 5.56 NATO, 7.62 X 39, 7.62 X 54,
12 GA, .22 LR, .223 REM, .300 BLK, .308 WIN, .30-06, .357 MAG, 9MM, .38 SPECIAL decals

Package Includes:
(1).380 ACP sticker
(1).40 S&W sticker
(1).45 ACP sticker
(1)5.56 X 45 sticker
(1)5.56 NATO sticker
(1)7.62 X 39 sticker
(1)7.62 X 54 sticker
(1)12 GA sticker
(1).22 LR sticker
(1).223 REM sticker
(1).300 BLK sticker
(1).308 WIN sticker
(1).30-06 sticker
(1).357 MAG sticker
(1)9MM sticker
(1).38 SPECIAL sticker

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Expiration date 2018-Dec-31 Report
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Expiration date 2018-Dec-31 Report

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Use the code listed in the title, and it should drop down to $6.39

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Actually 7.99

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