Ammo Can .50 Caliber 11x7x6" Grade I Lever-Lock Lid Steel Flat Folding Carry Handle Stackable - $12.93 ($10 S/H on Firearms)

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Manufacturer: Military ZAA095
Item: ZAA-095

Original M2A1 Military ammo cans are used extensively in the field to transport a variety of calibers of ammunition to the troops. The can features a removable lid with a rubber gasket seal, flat folding handle for carrying, lever-lock lid that is lockable, and they are constructed of heavy gauge steel. These are ideal for storing ammunition and they are stackable. All the cans have many years of use left in them, and since they are original military there will be military markings on the outside and they may need to be cleaned. Grade I. Non-returnable.

All Military surplus products are used, the condition of the products varies, and the quantities may be limited.
Surplus condition scale:
Grade I - Used in like new to excellent condition.
Grade II - Used in good condition, may show minor use.
Grade III - Used in fair condition, will show normal wear and tear from daily use.

Category: Accessories
Caliber: Range Gear
MPN: ZAA-095
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Cheaper Than Dirt does not sell firearms and magazines to CT residents


No kidding. Lucky Gunners

No kidding. Lucky Gunners still at it . Hope they get stuck with it all. Will not buy from them or ctd eveir again no matter what the price. As far as ammo goes SG is the best . No gouging there and great service and shipping

1 vote
0 votes

Everyone needs to boycott

Everyone needs to boycott those POS dealers like CTD and Luckygunner who jacked prices up when there was no reason to.

5 votes
1 vote

I will use Tupperware for

I will use Tupperware for storage before I buy from CTD!!!!

3 votes
0 votes

I think SG has a better deal

I think SG has a better deal going on now with free shipping. Supposedly theirs are in pretty good shape too.

0 votes
0 votes

Shipping is quite high making

Shipping is quite high making this a no go...

1 vote
0 votes

Why post crap from CTD? They

Why post crap from CTD? They screwed every gun owner in this country ROYALLY. I wish they would go out of business for the crap they pulled.

12 votes
1 vote
Stickman's picture

CTD Sucks......

CTD Sucks......

8 votes
2 votes

"Lever-Lock Lid" "Steel flat

"Lever-Lock Lid" "Steel flat Folding Carry Handle" AND stackable too! And only $30 to ship 5 of them.... Count me in! Not, wish they did not suck so bad on shipping. This is not half bad but the shipping totally kills it beyond even surplus store pricing.

2 votes
1 vote
HESH24's picture

I suppose you guys thumbing

I suppose you guys thumbing this down can: FIND these, and find them cheaper!

4 votes
9 votes
Gcracker3000's picture

My local army surplus store

My local army surplus store always has stacks of these for $12 each plus I can cherry pick there. S&H on these cans will never make ordering online a good deal. Plus so many people hate CTD right now they would thumbs down anything from them.

4 votes
3 votes
weezeremo's picture

+1 please post a link, i

+1 please post a link, i haven't seen these locally for a bit in my area.

4 votes
1 vote
HESH24's picture

+1, I would love a link to a

+1, I would love a link to a lower priced can too! CTD does suck, but they have good deals AT THE MOMENT....

3 votes
3 votes

Sportsman guide has them them

Sportsman guide has them them come out cheaper since sg has freeshipping promo code.

1 vote
0 votes

So lets just forgive them?

So lets just forgive them?

1 vote
4 votes

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