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Looking for an affordable 1911? Look no further than the ATI Firepower Xtreme Military 1911. The rock-solid performance comes from the 4140 steel frame, barrel and slide, and the beautiful mahogany grips bring a striking visual element. It has loads of other features that make it worthy of military use, but the people at ATI® keep the price low enough for civilian purchase.

4140 steel frame, barrel and slide
Textured mahogany grips
Aluminum military trigger
Blued finish
Military-style sights
Thumb safety
Rear slide serrations
Made in the Phillipines
Works with standard 1911 magazines
Includes (1) 8-rd. magazine
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Key Specifications
Item Number: 658096
Caliber: .45 ACP
Action: Semi-automatic (single action only)
Round capacity: 8+1
Barrel length: 5"
Frame: 4140 steel
Grips: Textured mahogany
Sights: Military style
Overall length: 8.46"
Overall height: 5.28"
Overall weight: 41 oz.
Mfg. Number: GFX45MIL
UPC: 813393012761
Item # WX2-658096

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I picked one of these up from SMGW a few weeks ago for $319.99, free shipping. Very pleased with it, no failures or problems of any kind and quite accurate.

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I would spend a little more and buy an AMERICAN MADE 1911 --

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Nice 1911, but for an extra $170 you can buy a much better 1911, the MetroArms, American Classic II 1911.

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'For only 50 percent extra you can buy a better gun?!?' No shit Sherlock.

At least you aren't on your normal soapbox complaining about other races. Props on moving up in the world ;)

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i thought my math was slow. WTF for 50% more you should get anything better lol. i love mine same model. 3 years strong not a single issue. it eats beass steel and super cheap aluminum

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American Classic AC45G2 1911 Classic II 45ACP 5" 8+1 Hardwood Grip Blued.
SKU : AC45G2

Item : 49736

SKU : AC45G2

Model : 1911

UPC : 94922796424


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This is my everyday carry gun. I carry apendix

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No complaints with mine. It’s been rolling around in the truck box for a year. Dust it off and she’s still good to go on the “annual test”.

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I've had this gun for 3 years now, and have NEVER had a single problem with it. Out of the box, dead on accurate at 30 yards. Tried stretching it out to 50 yards,.....STILL dead accurate. My ATI "Hand cannon" is my go to gun that never fails.

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This is my dream gun..and I would love to have there a way it can be saved..or do a layaway

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Do I have to have a gun permit

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Not to order, but when you pick it up you will need a purchasing permit or CCW

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What kind of commie state do you live in?

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1 vote


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Most recent comment is seven years old. Nice..

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