The gun concealment bench provides a clever way to store your firearms with room for up to five long guns. A removable wood tray is also provided for handguns or other accessories. This attractive stitched, brown poly-urethane bench features a locking concealed gun compartment lined with soft fabric. The upper compartment provides ample room for blankets or other sportsmen accessories. Additional features include attractive hardwood feet, removable butt and barrel rests and dual safety stays that hold the lid open preventing pinching.
Model number#: 502

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Man the reviews are devastatingly bad. This looks like one big hunk of Chinese Crapola.

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Do people actually buy this cardboard-"wood" crap for gun storage? If I cant have sex on a chest like this with the wife, for fear of the top ripping right off than it's gimmicky at best. A "chest" like this is a liability if you have kids around. Get a safe. Besides country of origin is reason enough NOT buy this garbage

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That pleather though!

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