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SKU: KIT-0293
(1) American Eagle 5.56mm 55 Grain FMJBT Ammunition, 1000 Rounds Loose Pack - XM193BK
(10) Magpul PMAG 30 5.56x45mm Magazine, Black (30 Round Capacity) - MAG571-BLK

Rebates for Federal brand

Buy one (1) case (10 boxes) of Federal Top Gun, Top Gun Sporting, Ultra Clay & Field, Field & Range, or Estate Super Sport shotshell ammunition to get $5.00 back ($0.50/box). Maximum rebate $25. Minimum purchase ten (10) boxes required.
Valid for: 4 months
Spend $250 on Gold Medal centerfire rifle or handgun ammunition, or Syntech Range, Action Pistol or PCC to get a free Federal competition jersey, retail value $90.00
Valid for: 4 months

Price compare for XM193BK - Nitto Noodle 177 42cm Silver Alloy 26.0mm

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$296.99 12.99
$296.99 FREE S/H - Financing Available, $1.95 14 day Trial, $19.95/Month or $149/Year, must call to cancel
$299.00 Additional
$300.06 Calculated in Cart
$301.99 $15 firearm, Acc $8.99 - $19.99
$304.16 Free on Firearms, $9.95 Flat Rate
$304.73 $8.95 - $24.95 And $10 For Additional
$304.99 $9.99
$311.99 $10.95
$312.60 $9 Flat Rate
$312.95 $9 Flat Rate
$316.47 $15 flat rate per 50 lbs. including firearms
$318.00 8.95
$319.24 9.99
$319.99 Additional
$322.98 Flat Rate $9.99
$325.95 10% OFF Storewide Ends 4/21 | Firearms $9.99 | Ammunition $9.99 | Everything else over $99.99 FREE w/ code SHIP99
$326.09 9.99
$326.99 $10
$328.31 $19.95 Handguns, $29.95 Long Guns
$328.90 Free Shipping in One Business Day.
$330.69 $10.99
$330.99 $9.95
$333.99 $7.95
$337.47 $0 - $39 on Firearms
$339.99 $12.99 Flat S/H on Firearms
$340.54 $14.99
$341.99 $15-$30 Firearms
$348.99 $7.95 to $12.95
$348.99 $7.96
$348.99 $12.95
$349.99 FREE Shipping
$355.09 Additional
$362.99 $14.99 - $19.99
$373.88 Flat Rate $10.95
$374.74 Firearms Free, Ammo/Access. Flat $11.99
$349.99 Additional

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Now $422.99!

0 votes
0 votes

Might as well get the same deal for 50 boxes of 20 rounds. Easier to transport what you need than a big box of loose ammo that can dent some rounds

0 votes
0 votes

Dent? How bumpy are the roads you drive on? I can't think of a scenario where 500 rounds of loose ammo would dent during transport. And I don't know who would keep their bulk ammo in the cardboard box it's shipped in......that's what ammo cans are for. Don't get me wrong, I like keeping ammo in their original boxes, but I also have loose ammo in cans and have never had brass dent. I transport my ammo in preloaded mags and the 4-can MTM ammo tray. One can for 5.56, one for 9mm, one for 300BO, and one for .22lr.

1 vote
0 votes

Im still waiting for rebate submitted electronically on 12/20. It says Im approved now though.

0 votes
0 votes

Did you send in the individual box UPC codes or just the big ones on the big box that holds everything?

0 votes
0 votes

Not sure it matters anymore but I submitted electronically so I only had to submit photos.

0 votes
0 votes

Does anyone know if I can send in the UPC codes on the outside box or if I have to take them off of the individual boxes inside for the rebate?

0 votes
0 votes

Looks like an awesome deal to me, .249 cents a round and 10 free pmags!

0 votes
0 votes

How long is this rebate going on?
I'm an idiot, says right below the listing til March 31, 2019

0 votes
0 votes

Take out the $80 for the 10 PMAG’s and you’re at $0.219/round for factory new ammo. That’s a pretty good deal to me.

1 vote
0 votes

30 cents a round for reloaded ammo you're funny lol

0 votes
3 votes

If you only had a brain :)
Could you please point out where this says it’s reloaded? Could you also please show me where you’re getting free PMAGS? These magazines are typically 80 for 10 and are in this package. So subtract the 80 and....what do you get?

0 votes
0 votes can look at this deal two ways. One, PSA sells PMAGS for 10/$80. You subtract that from the $300 and you get a ppr of .22, a very good price. In this way, the PMAGS wouldn't be considered free since you subtracted their "cost". So in this way of viewing the deal, you are absolutely correct. The second way is you just take the after rebate ppr of .30 as a good, common, non-sale, price, then you would see the PMAGS as being free. Both are correct, just depends on how one wants to look at it. So, you either get ammo for a ppr of .22 OR get free PMAGS, but you can't get both

0 votes
0 votes

Since when is this reloaded?

4 votes
0 votes

AE 5.56 currently available for .27/rd shipped along with pmags avail for $8 shipped. So w/o free shipping this is a deal not so much

0 votes
1 vote

.25/rd after rebate an $5 a pmag + free shipping Check your math again

2 votes
0 votes
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