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The Federal Black Pack .223 Remington 55-Grain Centerfire Rifle Ammunition features boat-tail, FMJ bullets with a muzzle velocity of 3,240 feet per second. Made in USA.

Features and Benefits

.223 Remington caliber
55 grains
300-round box
Made in USA
Boat-tail, FMJ bullets
Muzzle velocity of 3,240 feet per second

Caliber: .223 Remington
Grain weight: 55
What's in the Box

American Eagle .223 Remington 55-Grain Centerfire Rifle Ammunition Black Pack

SKU#: 116381191
MPN#: AE223BF300
UPC#: 790272346110

Rebates for Federal brand

Promo # R10005 . Get $1 rebate on every 50 rounds of 9mm Luger centerfire handgun ammunition you purchase; receive $2 back on every 50 rounds of all other centerfire handgun ammunition from these participating quality brands: Federal, Speer, Blazer, American Eagle and Independence. Minimum purchase of 250 rounds to qualify. Valid on purchases made December 3, 2018 through March 31, 2019.
Valid for: 2 months
For every five (5) boxes of Federal® rimfire ammunition purchased, we’ll send you a rebate equal to the purchase price of one (1) box. Rebate calculated on the lowest priced box. Minimum purchase of 5 boxes required. $200 maximum total rebate amount per person or household.
Valid for: 2 months
Get 5 cents back per round when you buy American Eagle 223 Rem. and 5.56x45mm ammunition. Must purchase at least 300 rounds to qualify; maximum rebate of $500 dollars per household.
Valid for: 2 months

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Multiple purchases starting in 11/20/18.
As of 1/20/19:
Thank you for your submission in the Federal® Black Friday Black Pack Bucks Program. This email is to let you know that your rebate has shipped.

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ANY ONE get the rebate from early decembers rebate on the black box ammo back yet? I am still waiting., thanks.

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I'm still waiting for mine.
Vista Outdoor Promotions or whoever handles the rebates is the worst.
At first, I received an email saying my submission was qualified and processing. Then it disappeared from their system after the upgrade. When I called in, they told me my rebate could not be found.
Second occasion was my rebate showed qualified and processing but I still had not received it after months or so. A female phone rep told me they would issue another check for me. They never did. After I threatened to contact the company itself (Federal/CCI/Bushnell), I mysteriously received an email showing my rebate was qualified again.
There was a lot of hassle, time emailing and calling in. So buyers beware.

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@ shojus of course that code doesn't work because it was used already. those are unique codes that will olny work once. I was able to get a 10% code and got a box for $76.49 shipped PLUS you figure the $25 back from retail me not and Factory Rebate. Thats only $51.49 for a box of 300 rds! Thats only 17 cents a round! the absolute cheapest i have found to date!

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I never got Academy to do what ever they need to do to get money back from retailmenot. Let us know if you get the cash back and good luck that will be a GREAT DEAL if all goes well.

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1 vote

I've received over $100 back from using the Retailmenot cash back offers (last father's day was like $20 back on $100). Go to the site, create an account, activate the offer, and then navigate to Academy from the same browser session, make your purchase, and Academy will forward over your information around a day later.

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TonyP , Academy has already notified Retailmenot for 2 of the 4 boxes I purchased. They are slow at processing but they ARE following through!

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That WR17ZIOFW code did NOT work for me unfortunately...??? Any other codes out there?? Thanks!!

Try calling them because I received this code above several times from several locations. They may ask if you had a proxy server, just say that your ISP has some sort of proxy and it didnt send you a unique code. I bet they will honor it over the phone but then you wouldnt be able to get the retailmenot cashback. Unless you ask them for a new code, it doesn't hurt to ask and their customer service is pretty good.

During the outage they provided some codes saying have 10% off your next order but I had to enter my email. So I signed up for several of them but I am not sure it will work multiple times with the same code. I will provide the one that worked for me. Use code WR17ZIOFW

What is the 10% code? Thanks.

Looks like Academy is having problems. They were handing out a 10% off coupon for the troubles. We might be able to stack it, so 10% off, Retailmenot cash back, and $15 rebate

The 10% off will only work with a single purchase, so the $10 back is a bigger bonus if you make repetitive purchases. Also, when calling customer service their 10% off coupons are 1 time use only and none of their codes start with a W so it makes you sound like an idiot when you call and give them this code wondering why it wont work. They were very nice though and gave me a 10% off code anyways.

Confirmed the codes for 10% off work as well as the $10 back from retailmenot and the rebate still applies for another $15 off. Making this the cheapest reloadable brass ammo I have ever purchased at 18 cents a round!

Just did it again! I did notice that their math sometimes doesn’t add up during checkout. One time it took the discount code and said there was a $8.50 discount but the total was the same. so make sure you verify before completing. I bought 3 boxes for $51.49 a box of 300! ($84.99-$8.50-$10 cash back-$15 rebate)

can someone tell me if I order,do they ship to my door, or do i have to go pick them up from store? and if i pick up from store do i have to pay tax?

ship to your door

Placed a separate 3 orders to use the Retailmenot $10 cash back each with an eventual $15 rebate. Total after tax was $92 minus $25 equals $67 which is .223/round (funny), which is equal to $4.46 a box of 20. This is the lowest price for brass ammo (not reloaded) that I've managed since the 2016 election.

Still going. Ordered today

In for 2 as well

Good deal! I’m in for 2.

Here’s federal rebate:

I could not find the federal premium black. Only American eagle. Does it qualify?

Ya I’m an idiot. Federal black is American eagle

Yes, it qualifies as long as you order more than 300 rounds.


This deal s over. 104$ now

Deal is back on I guess

Back on I guess

Product must be purchased 11/16/2018 through 12/2/2018. To qualify for rebate

No this is a different rebate. Google federal ammunition rebates and it will show one that says something about freedom. Its 5 cents back per round with a 300 round minimum perchase. Its good until the end of march

looking at the black pack promotion

Yup wrong rebate. But this rebate is good for the black pack now

Why don’t they just drop the price in the first place , because they know most will give up on it ! Rebates suck!!!

NEVER had a declined rebate from ANY company, and I have submitted SOOO many I have lost count! It's quite simple, FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS... Lol

Got word back on rebate status tonight, rebate was rejected. Called customer service they said they only get page 1 of pdf uploads and my rebate was declined as my order details with prices etc was on page 2 they let me email them pdf again.

They will take care of it, that's the PRO about doing it all online, it can be resubmitted quickly and you don't have to wait for SLOW snail-mail to find out they need more info, etc. With all that being said, I have never been denied a rebate from Federal, and I have submitted about 6-8 in the last 2 years. READ, READ, READ the instructions, and follow them to a "T" , and you WILL always get your money back, which makes this stuff some of the cheapest brass cased .223 of the year (for ME anyways). Good stuff...

Same here. Just checked on status and said rejected due to no price on invoice. Guess ill be calling in the morning.

Did you circle the price on the invoice, cause that's what the directions tell you to do? It states that the invoice MUST have the purchase price, date, and product purchased, and it CANNOT be the e-mail confirmation. I ALWAYS circle that info so that they can just glance at it and move along. It's not really rocket science, so I'm not sure why SO many people are having issues? I already have the 1st Black Friday rebate check en' route to my house, now waiting on 2 more of the newest rebates...

Just bought some. Will report back after I shoot

I don’t do mail in rebates any longer not worth the hassle

= Laziness on your part

You can submit online.....

It takes less than 5 minutes to submit online.

Don't bother, Outdoor Brands Promotions will give you the run around on your rebate. Used these rebates many times before without issue. Without communication they've decided my most recent rebate submission was unqualified; no communication as to what has happened to deem it unqualified. Save your money and the headache of all this bullshit.

There are no problems with these rebates. I have submitted many and only one was considered "unqualified". But if you look at the Status Lookup it tells you everything, and in my case said the store name wasn't included. I called the number on the site, the customer service agent pulled up my submission, told him where to look on the receipt for the store name, he fixed the problem, and within a week it changed back to "Qualified". I got my first of 7 rebates a couple weeks ago. Took about 2 months and comes in the form of a MC debit card. Some may think that's too slow. But the new online submission is a lot faster than the 4-6 months snail mail version.

Soooo, did you submit online or by mail? Because they have a toll-free number strictly for taking care of rebate issues and getting the issues taken care of in a timely manner. Take a few pics, circle a few things on the packing slip and upload the pics online to their website = cashback in the mail within 8-10 weeks! I can't speak for the few that posted here, because I have followed ALL directions and always receive my money without the "headaches & bullshit" that you experience... :)

Got mine via FedEx today. Arrived from a local Academy (I live about 5-10 mins from one but didn't bother driving down there). Inside the shipping box the ammo was packed in the box pictured and in a heavy duty zip lock bag.

Submitting for the rebate online was a hassle...I had to submit a picture of my UPC, the front and side of the box (in separate photos), and scan a copy of the receipt. My camera is on my phone and my scanner scans to my desktop. The form also asked for a subtotal and a grand total (to not include taxes) with the grand total not being able to be > than the subtotal...what?! My shipping costs would make the form error out. I ended up just putting in $84.99 for both values. Because I had two separate orders, I had to submit two separate rebates to not confuse the system.

Either way, $20 rebate + $10 cash back from RetailMeNot equaled some big savings.

Next time just take a picture of your receipt from your phone instead of scanning. No need to complicate the process.

You could also save an extra $10 right now by signing up for Field & Stream. Just be sure to cancel before the 7 day mark or they charge you $9.97 monthly.

Yep, I streamlined the process. I just print to PDF my invoice from my Academy order and email my photos to myself. I've submitted 5 in the past 2 days with ease. Mailed in another 2 and they haven't showed up yet after 2 weeks. Called and they said it will take even longer for snail mail because they're backed up. I'll do online only going here on out. I'm at $176 between Outdoor Brands and about 2 of the black packs have paid for themselves.

Academy has the best price on these by $5, that said I'm glad I ordered at Brownells. I've the last couple years I've had several issues ordering ammo with Academy and I won't use them anymore. That includes them refusing to honor cash back with Active Junky, packing ammo so poorly in the shipping box it was just a box of loose rounds when it arrived, and even cancelling placed orders for high demand items on black friday last year after all the deals were gone elsewhere.

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