10% off of all knives including the custom knives.

Microtech, Protech, Busse, Severtech, Dalton, Heretic and hundreds more.

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Expiration date 2019-Aug-30 Report
Expiration date 2019-Aug-23 Report
Expiration date 2019-Aug-19 Report

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Really good prices for collectible Microtech and Daltons.
Coupon codes also work

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Agreed with Martyr Machine said. These prices are overpriced for being older models. Like buying a Glock Gen2 at $650. Not a deal whatsoever.

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The Microtech Halo II is at least $100 overpriced, and is 4 generations old. They are on Halo VI now. Even at 10% off it is still overpriced. Nowhere even carries them now because they are so old, but when they did, they were going for below $600.

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