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The Aimpoint 3XMag Monocular is specially designed for use with Aimpoint sights and offers the shooter the ability to engage targets at extended ranges. When combined with Aimpoint's patented TwistMount, the Aimpoint 3XMag Monocular w/ TwistMount & Spacer gives the shooter something never before possible - the ability to switch from CQB (Close Quarters Battle) to semi-sniping and back with a flick of the wrist. The Aimpoint 3XMag Magnifying Module w/ TwistMount is ideal for perimeter security and sniper support missions. The versatile Aimpoint 3XMag Handheld Monocular can also be used as a handheld magnifying monocular for discrete observation and target identification.

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Specifications for Aimpoint 3X Monocular with TwistMount & Spacer:
Magnification: 3X
Objective diameter: 20 mm
Field of view (FOV): 7°
Exit pupil diameter: 7 mm
Dimensions, L x W x H: 110 mm x 44 mm x 41 mm (4.3" x 1.7" x 1.6")
Weight: 200 g (7.1 oz) including rubber cover
Material housing: Anodized aluminum, dark grey, rubber covered black
Temperature range: -45° C to + 70° C, (-50° F - +160° F)
in operation and storage:
Humidity: 0 - 100% condensing or non-condensing
Water resistance: Submersible to 20 m (67 ft)
Features of Aimpoint 3X Monocular with TwistMount & Spacer:
Ready to mount behind Aimpoint sights
Provides extended engagement range to the operator
Combines the best of two worlds, CQB and semi-sniping
Increases confidence, performance and flexibility
Extremely fast on/off quick change mounting solution
Mounting and dismounting the magnifier has no influence on point
of impact of your sight. No need to re-zero the sight after changing
Internal adjustments allow centering the magnifier to your sight
Rubber armor increases ruggedness
Drilled and tapped for use with other accessory mounts
Spacer available to accommodate a wide variety of weapons
Doubles as handheld 3X monocular
May also be used as an accessory with sights from other manufacturers
Package Contents:
Aimpoint 3XMag Monocular with TwistMount & Spacer

Exit pupil: 7 mm
Objective Lens Diameter: 20 mm
Magnification: 3 x
Fabric/Material: Anodized Aluminum
Weight: 7.1 oz
Length: 110 mm
Height: 41 mm
Width: 44 mm
Field of View, Angle: 7 degrees
Weight Range: Range 0 - 0.49 lb
Minimum Magnification: 3 x
Maximum Magnification: 3 x
Objective Lens Diameter: Range 20 - 29 mm

DVOR# AI-RDM-12071 UPC 7350004382026 MPN 12071

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The fact that their magnifier is on the same price level as their optics. Let's me know that it is over priced. I understand when you get a bunch of electronics which needs to get run in artic and hot desert conditions. But a simple magnifier shouldn't break the bank imo

1 vote
0 votes

True dat

0 votes
0 votes

Save yourself $370 and get a Samson magnifier.

0 votes
0 votes

Unless you're a serious shooter, e.g. a military operator or a YouTube celebrity or both, I would say this is a pass.

I'm more "practical" than "tactical", so maybe I'm missing something, but I bought the Chinese version of this for 20-30$ and It works phenomenally. It even looks the same. To hell with paying 500$ for this. I guarantee you Aimpoint isn't paying anywhere near that to mfg them.

1 vote
1 vote

I guess your chinese red dot is just as good as a compm4, and your airsoft ACOG is just as good as the Trijicons right? Schmidt & Bender 4-16 and Bushnell 4-16 are essentially the same scope. If you are broke and you need to tell yourself that then fine, but if you are just being cheap but you can afford decent glass then you should try some. You won't go back to the cheap shit.

0 votes
0 votes

Just because he likes cheap stuff doesn't mean you have to. I have a killer setup you probably couldn't dream of: A bushmaster AR with a Monstrum Tactical P-330-T scope. I have well over $900 in that bad boy, but you probably wouldn't understand quality if it hit you in the face.

0 votes
1 vote

I think the decimal point is in the wrong place.

1 vote
0 votes

You must not look at Aimpoint stuff very often

1 vote
0 votes
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