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500 rounds of Aguila .22LR 40 Grain HVSP Ammo. The pleasure of plinking! Head to the range or back 40, and let loose with this Aguila .22LR 40 Grain HVSP Ammo. Smooth feeding and straight shooting, Aguila ammo is known for its long history of quality assurance and exacting standards. It's ammo with consistent and dependable performance you can rely on, shot after shot. Plus, it's priced just right... so you can shoot round after round at the range without blowing your budget! Features: Caliber: .22 long rifle Bullet weight: 40 grains Bullet style: Copper Plated High Velocity Solid Point Muzzle velocity: 1,250 fps Muzzle energy: 139 ft.-lbs. Order yours today! Back to top
Item number: WX2-649012

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Wish people would stop posting The Sportsman's Guide and National Gun Owners Association BuyersClub (ILMG Inc)!

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You have to be a "member" to get this price.
Once you pay for the membership, it is no longer a deal

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Has anyone actually used these? I've had nothing but bad luck with these in Mark IVs, SW Victory, and Browning Buckmark. I wonder if I got a bad lot. Lots of fails to extract, occasional stove pipes, even on a Ruger SR 22 occasionally. What do people use this ammo in? Revolvers and lever/bolt action rifles?

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Currently shown as sold out

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Sold out.

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