Military Surplus BERETTA Model 92S 9mm (Good to Very Good) - $243.95

These pistols come from the Beretta factory in Italy and have been checked there. These are all nice pistols but some are better than others. These pistols have been examined by us.

Conditions are as follows:

Excellent (Mechanically excellent, cosmetically has some wear on finish.)

Good to Very Good condition. (Mechanically excellent, cosmetically a little more wear on finish, but still nice pistols.)


Category: Handguns
Caliber: 9mm
Brand: Beretta Usa
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I purchased the with the

I purchased the with the handpicked option. The finish is very good and mechanically excellent. Outstanding trigger, the best of all my handguns.

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Good info Kahn. Bought two

Good info Kahn. Bought two around a month ago. Mine are in pretty rough shape same as you describe yours, and after a quick cleaning, they both ran through 50 rounds without any hiccups. I plan to Alumicoat one of them with Brownells Dark Gray liquid Alumicoat, my compressor and HPLV spray gun. I may do the other one too after I see how the first one works out. Can't really complain about the price, all in with FFL fee I'm right around $270 each.

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Hey Gator you’re welcome. As

Hey Gator you’re welcome. As a follow up, I just shot a steel shooting competition indoors where frangible rounds were required. My regular pistol (Canik TP9SFX) kept FTE on the light weight loads. The Beretta ate those right up. I saw lots of competitors with popular modern handguns fail over and over. Glock, Smith, Springfield... a few pros had 2011s tuned for light loads that ran fine.

Gentlemen, the motherfucking Beretta is basically unstoppable.

The previous owner has definitely used it as a hammer on more than one occasion.

After not letting me down, I gave in and contracted a Cerakote job to match the colors of the M9A3 in Coyote Tan. The new plan is for this pistol to “live” inside my vehicle get-home bag, and I couldn’t be happier after buying.

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They took out the hand pick

They took out the hand pick option and raised the price from $235 to $244? Bottom of the barrel .... lottery type buy? Would like to hear what peeps receive from today on?

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I purchased one of these

I purchased one of these guns, without the handpick option. Mechanically the gun seems to function well, but the cosmetic condition was pretty rough. Lots of grime on and under the grips, plenty of dirt and dust in the internals and barrel.

However, for this price this was exactly what I wanted for this gun. It’s a fun project to disassemble and clean everything. Because it’s all metal it just needed scrubbing and oil and the slide racks just perfectly.

The grips aare plastic and easily replaceable online. Brownells sells a Wilson Combat springs kit for $19.99. The sights aren’t great but with a dot of white paint they will do. This thing has been to hell and back already. If the end of the world ever comes only 3 things will be left: twinkies, cockroaches, and the Beretta 92.

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Ur coment made me buy this

Ur coment made me buy this gun

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Please tell me beretta 92s

Please tell me beretta 92s ruger security 9

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Oh maybe gotta change all the

Oh maybe gotta change all the spring kits and the grips. This is not bargain like they said. It’s 440 gun we’re talking about here. I always one a beretta but for the price. I couldn’t pay for it. I regret that I pay almost 500 for glock 19 and almost for 680 - 750 glock build.

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I’m thinking ahould I get the

I’m thinking ahould I get the 235 + 20 shipping and pay 100 cerekote. It’s 355 and 20 FFL fee. It’s 375 with very good condition. I know it’s not going to look at good condition. I’m still thinking about it and plus. I need at least 1 more mag cuz it’s only 1 mag

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I bought 2 of these a few

I bought 2 of these a few years ago. Fantastic shooters, well made great fit and finish. Man does not live for polymer alone.

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Amen I shoot alot better

I shoot alot better with steel framed handguns. Polymer isn't bad because I'm 24 years old and that's what everyone shoots. But my favorite is the Beretta 3032 tomcat 32acp. With wood medallion grips and Peirce extenisions. Also the baretra 21a bobcat 22lr/25 acp there rare but fun shooters. Perfect collectable and perfect for a little pocket pistol for my girl friend. Use cci stingers 22 lr. They have a 1650 velocity out 9f the barell I carry the 25 on my ankle to work everyday. Those berrettas are what people should be looking for I bought mine for 200 bucks out the door and now there 400 plus on gun broker. Not alot of people know about the bersa co.pacts and 380 thunder . But I paid 250 and have 0ut 500 plus rounds through it it's a straight shooter you cannot buy a better 380 that's as.comfortable not bad recoil AMD is steel framed
U less u spend over 7 bills and get the signed p238 or kimber. But not worth the money.

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Sell it to a non gun person

Sell it to a non gun person co-worker looking for their first hand gun. At $350, it's still not a bad buy for a Beretta. The name alone will help sell it.

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I bought this when they were

I bought this when they were at $299 for an excellent condition, to me it was not worth it and have buyers remorse. After all said and done, it was almost $350 out the door for me... for $100 more I could have gotten a new one with the normal magazine release with 2 mags or bought a Taurus. I am still convincing myself that I bought it for historical value, not working.

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We all live and learn. If I

We all live and learn. If I didn't buy the things I did and properly invested that money, I could easily be a millionaire by now. Oh well...

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