- Don't Tread on Me engraved on top of the receiver
- M4 feedramps
- Anodized black
- Machined for .250” takedown/pivot pins
- Laser engraved T-marks
- Weight: 6.9 oz
Aero Precision takes some of the most state of the art manufacturing techniques and equipment derived from their work in the aerospace industry and applies it to their products in the firearms industry. They have utilized their knowledge from years of building aircraft components to design and engineer AR-15 handguards, receiver sets, scope mounts, and more. They treat every product as if it were a precision flying machine and adhere to strict quality standards to ensure law enforcement, military, and civilian customers receive a product they can rely on.
Brand: Aero Precision
Forward Assist
Port Door
MPN#: APAR501653C

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Link is to a Texas edition.

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