Aero Precision M4E1 ATLAS S-ONE 5.56 Rifle
Fully Assembled and Range Ready from Aero Precision!
The Aero Precision M4E1 ATLAS S-ONE 5.56 Rifle features a black anodized M4E1 Receiver Set, ATLAS S-ONE 15″ MLOK Handguard, 16″ Government Profile Midlength Barrel, VG6 Gamma 556, Black Nitride BCG, Ambi Charging Handle, Magpul SL Stock, and MOE SL Grip.


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Federal law requires that you be 21 years or age or older to purchase a stripped receiver or frame. If a frame or receiver can only be made into a long gun (rifle or shotgun), it is still a frame or receiver not a handgun or long gun. However, they still are “firearms” by definition, and subject to the same GCA limitations as any other firearms. See Section 921(a)(3)(b). 18 U.S.C. Section 922(b)(1) makes it unlawful for a licensee to sell any firearm other than a shotgun or rifle to any person under the age of 21.

Product Information
SKU: APCR640334
Manufacturer: Aero Precision
Platform: AR15
Barrel Length: 16″
Gas System: Mid-Length
Caliber: 5.56 NATO
Finish: Black Anodize
MSRP: $1099.99

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It says 699 here but when you go to the store it says 899?

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You missed the sale. Keep Checking back to see if they go back on sale soon. Don't wait too long if they do go on sale as they getting harder to find.

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What so special about this ar?

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The description outlines all the upgrades pretty well. SL furniture, 15" Atlas S rail, Aero ambi handle, M4E1 receiver set, middy gas, VG6 Gamma muzzle, and though it doesn't say it Aero barrels are generally 4150V. All in all it's a respectable price and something I might buy if in the market for another AR. Would definitely be a good buy as a 1st rifle. The only caveat might be that it's uncertain what type of M4E1 upper receiver that is. There are 2; one is industry standard threading and the other is internally threaded meaning a special barrel nut and the possibility of limited rail selection in the future should you decide you want a change.

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It have confirmed that it comes with the "industry standard threading" Arm or Ally has the best prices for these Factory built Aero rifles and pistols. I looked hard and could not find one any cheaper. The quality is impressive considering the cost. It made me a fan or both Aero and Arm or Ally.

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