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High-Quality AR-15 Just Add Furniture

Easily build your dream AR-15 with this fully-assembled, nearly-complete Aero Precision AR-15 OEM Rifle with 18" barrel chambered in .223 Wylde. Constructed using second-to-none components, the Aero Precision AR-15 OEM Rifle leaves off the handguard and buttstock – saving you money to buy the accessories you want!

- Rifle length gas system with longer free float handguards
- 416R stainless steel barrel with a SPR heavy profile
- ½"-28 barrel thread pitch with A2 flash hider
- Mil-spec AR-15/M14 buffer kit
- Carbine length buffer tube assembly

With the Aero Precision AR-15 OEM Rifle chambered in .223 Wylde, all you need is choose the handguard, sights and mil-spec buttstock that fits your needs, snap them on and head to the range.

Action Type: Direct Impingement
Barrel Length: 18"
Capacity: NA
Cartridge: 5.56 mm NATO
Finish: Black
Front Sight: NA
Length: 34"
Magazine Included: NA
Magazine Type: Removable
Muzzle: Flash Hider
Rear Sight: NA
Stock Material: NA
Weight: NA
Made in the US

Mfr Part: APCR100035

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Put some furniture on that thing man!!! There could be children here, this could scar them for life!!!!

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$850 for a naked gun is not a deal

0 votes
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Looks decent, whats the twist rate?

0 votes
0 votes

Where are all the comments about how ridiculously overpriced this is and how your just paying for a brand? Oh wait, it’s not a Colt...

0 votes
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