Brand: JIUSY Professional design Tactical Gloves
Product details:
Material: Microfiber,Nylon,Rubber Knuckle
Color: Black,Green,Brown
Size: S/M/L/XL
Size (Palm circumference)
Medium: 19-21CM / 7.5-8.3 Inch
Large: 22-23CM / 8.7-9.1 Inch
X-Large: 24-25CM / 9.45-9.85 Inch
Due to manual measurement, it's allows 0.12(in) discrepancy
Note: The middle finger length of the full finger gloves: M: 8.5 cm, L: 9 cm, XL: 9.5 cm, error range: + / - 0.3 cm
Package Includes:1 pair of gloves

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If you're really in love with these, avoid the middle man and just buy them on AliExpress, straight from China. Buy on Singles Day 11.11 and save even more, you just have to wait a month for them to float over from China.
They will work fine for your range toys and tacticool air soft fantasies. Should you meet a real "high speed low drag operator" they aren't going to care where your gloves came from. In a SHTF commie-zombie apocalypse, glove quality won't determine if you live or die.

Is it possible to get the knuckles painted different colors so that I could feel like Thanos when I snap my fingers

Starship troopers. Noice

All jokes aside, one of the big morale killers during natural disasters, combat deployments, zombie apocalypse(S), etc is the downtime between stressful events. Now you can play Angry Birds 2 while waiting for the next wave of 'bugs' on Klendathu without ever having to remove your gloves.

Whats not to like?

What’s wrong with them?

Nothing. I think they allow you to tactically touch your phone in a SHTF scenario to dial 911.

“Cuz when TSHTF, and the world is coming to an end. One urban soldier armed to the teeth , can still use his smart phone (that has been cut off from any known cell service do to the ever present apocalypse ) To make a note to him self in Voice Memos that buying these gloves it was a retarded idea.

You’ll wanna punch yourself after buying them. #Tactifail

Chinese junk that will not survive first contact.

Perfect for taking selfies at those Ant*fa demonstrations (whichever side you're on).

Mall ninjas everywhere

1up boyee

It’ll get me extra points

I wanna punch my self in the ball bag with these hose hounds.


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