Academy Sports & Outdoors Weekly Ad (Aug 09 - Aug 15)

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Academy Sports & Outdoors Weekly Ad (Aug 09 - Aug 15)
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Buy an AR 556,, get a 10/22

Buy an AR 556,, get a 10/22 free,,,,

Well, I'll be picking up a 10/22 'somewhere' this weekend,,,, (Gift for my dad, He needs a 'fun' 22 that he can use/share with the local kids)

Problem is, this "buy one, get one" offer won't help me any as I already have 'more than enough' AR's!!!

Damn the bad luck! LOL!!!

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I ended up getting (just) a

I ended up getting (just) a 10/22 at Academy anyway,,, Their everyday price was $33 less than Cabela's 'Ruger Days' super-special sale price.

As stated above, this one will be a gift for my dad,,, His 22 is a Winchester 63, bought new when he was in his teens. (He's in his late 70's now) The 63 is certainly a sweet rifle, and it's in excellent condition. It's truly a bit 'too nice' for the 'just learning' crowd! LOL!!!

I put an inexpensive scope on the 10/22 and ran approx. 350 rounds through it Sunday AM. As anticipated, no problems, and I'm sure Dad (and the kids) will enjoy it.

(I previously picked up 1k of the M22 ammo for myself, and also sent Dad 1k last week.. 1k rounds of plinkin ammo for $50 shipped ain't too shabby!)

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Sure am glad you let us know.

Sure am glad you let us know. Was really worried about that super-special sale price transaction! At least I can start breathing again. So what's going on this weekend? Jesus...

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No one gives a shit what you

No one gives a shit what you buy with your Academy employee discount, Scotty the Stockboy Shill. This isn't fucking Facebook, spare us the daily diary entries.

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Are those Ruger ARs still

Are those Ruger ARs still locked up in the back at Academy stores so they won't scare the snowflake liberal customers, or did they finally put them back out where they can be seen?

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'ARs'? Hell, those BB guns

'ARs'? Hell, those BB guns will do that! I doubt those Libritards have time to do any shopping. They are too busy destroying public property and dodging Dodges...Umm...too soon?

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How ya been sunshine?

Still living the dream??

Have a nice day!!!

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Ruger LCP II for $289? For

Ruger LCP II for $289? For that price you can go to grabagun and get one with the laser!

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