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The new Halcyon from AAC is everything you want from a rimfire silencer and nothing you don’t. Go from long to short configurations in seconds, and easily disassemble without any tools required. No smoke, no mirrors, no unfounded claims — best in class, period.

- Overbuilt for maximum performance and durability without the excess weight
- Features indexed, shielded Titanium K-baffles
- Modular design is 22 LR full-auto rated, 5.7 rated

CALIBERS: 17 HMR,22 Long Rifle,22 Win Mag,5.7x28mm
WEIGHT Full 6.4 oz Compact. 4.5 oz
LENGTHFull 5.8"Compact 3.41"
MATERIALS 17-4PH T6 Titanium
ATTACHMENT Direct Thread
S.P.L. 114dB*

MPN#: 64283

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When Silencershop is selling this for $430, $250 (free shipping) from Berelli is a deal. Add whatever your local FFL/SOT charges. (Varies greatly.) In my area I could even add the Silencershop fee if I wanted it in their system and still be ahead.

I have no experience with this model. Just evaluating the deal. If I wanted it, this would appear to be the way to go.

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Top .22 cans
dead air mask ++++
rugged occulus
TBAC take down.

If your really bargain hunting look for others on gunbroker for $100. $100 no more for old .22 designs. Why? Because its a yours for life. Everything in the rimfire winners circle is only $400. Why save a few dollars for something that doesnt work as well? When its outdated it sits and gets dumped.If its a really old design its not worth the stamp. Its too bad really. The stamp keeps free market from liquidating the good but not great rimfire designs. Its not optimum for suppressor manufacturers and distributors. IMO the suppressor manufacturers earn every penny if their design is a hit and they can charge a premium because if its not a hit they take a loss because they cant just liquidate at market price. I wonder what the oldest can stuck in the system is? At a certain point I imagine a manufacturer or distributor destroys the NFA item. The stamp that never was. Not worth the stamp from the consumer end but also not worth the trouble to sell from the distributor end if price is too low.

Old suppressor designs that didnt sell dont die easily. This is not a terrible bad can. Not a YHM mite. Say A- B +.. Its just that its not a competitive .22 can compared to the winner circle. Berelli animal shelter. If they dont sell at a price that makes it worth both the consumer and distributors time I bet after some time they get officially destroyed by a licensed manufacturer and cease to exist as a NFA item. 30 seconds with a chop saw notification to BATF and thats that. Centerfire cans probably always find a home. Someone will give a $100 for a centerfire can to keep a dedicated zero. Rimfire cans are about cleaning ease. That cheapo cans pain when cleaning is chronic. Rimfire may hit that Bermuda triangle of not worth it. Suppressor animal shelter business. Thats why I say if you want to play with the B+ or even Cs penny auctions on gunbroker are where its at to truly try to discover market value. Its largly retail dealers getting stuck with a C can and dumping it at loss. It wont go on forever because retail stocking cans just doesnt make sense. This moves the c cans stuck in non free market up the food chain to the distributors ala Bereli. Theres are some bargains on gunbroker but you have a $75 transfer on top of a $200 stamp. Flea markets are fun if you like collecting designs but really there is only one practice that really makes sense with cans. Buy one from the winners circle. That doesnt mean it costs a lot. The winners cirlcle has competition too. Just a ton of fantastic cans out there at reasonable cost.Figure out what best suites your needs and buy that. Dont buy somything else because its sitting on your LGS shelf dusty or here for a couple pennys less.

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In a nutshell. Buy once cry once.
Agree with the choices, may I suggest Rex Silentium MG22.

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Thanks for the information brother

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