Red Army ELITE 9x18 Makarov 93gr FMJ 900rd Case Brass Polish mfg - $199.80

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Price: $199.80
Price per round: $0.222
@J&G Sales
Red Army ELITE 9x18 Makarov 93gr FMJ, made in Poland, copper jacket (non-magnetic), lead core, brass case, non-corrosive, packed in 900rd case.
ATTENTION: All ammunition requires an adult signature over 21 upon delivery, no exceptions.
The following locations have ammunition restrictions.
If you are in Illinois a FOID card must on file before we will ship.
If you are in Los Angeles City, Chicago, Cook County IL, New York State, or Massachusetts we will only ship to an FFL dealer.
If you are in Connecticut a State permit, certificate, or FFL is required.
SKU#: 5-2176c

Amount: 900
Category: Ammo
Caliber: 9x18mm
Brand: Red Army Standard
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joesmith's picture

It's great when these cases

It's great when these cases get mixed in with regular 9mm Luger cases for reloading.

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MJ28's picture

$25 shipping. I guess for 9mm

$25 shipping. I guess for 9mm Makarov isn't bad since it's not available locally.

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Corpsie's picture

The more you buy, the cheaper

The more you buy, the cheaper shipping gets per case up to a certain point.

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Krombopulos_Michael's picture

Boxer or Beridian?

Boxer or Beridian? Berdadian? you know, the other 2 hole primer?

I'm guessing for this price it might be repackaged milsurp, non boxer, but a cheaper day at the indoor range.

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Berdan. Ironically, Boxer was

Berdan. Ironically, Boxer was English [whose priming system became most popular here in the U.S., where reloading is common & cost-saving] and Berdan was 'Murrican [whose priming system was almost universally adopted in Yurp, where ammo is strictly controlled & typically made under govt. contract, 'cause Berdan priming is cheaper on a 1-primer per cartridge basis...]


The Red Army distributor's website sez their 9x18Mak Elite [this stuff] is brass/Boxer. ["Standard" is steel/Berdan, which makes calling this "Elite" sensible as product differentiation.]

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