Get both of these together and save. The black nitride barrel is a drop-in replacement for Glock 19 pistols and the included TBC compensator is both stylish and functional to reduce recoil and muzzle rise.

Barrel specs:

9mm caliber
1:16 twist
Threaded (1/2 x 28 TPI)
Full Length
4150 Black Nitride finish

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Seriously.. do those tiny comps on a tiny barrel make any difference? Lol seems stoopid.

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I don't own this exact comp but I use a HK micro comp on my canik combat elite and I'd say it definitely helps with the muzzle flip. You're not shooting rifle cartridges out of them, it's 9mm don't need huge holes for the gases to release.

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The reviews I have gotten are positive for reducing muzzle rise. FWIW I've also experienced a difference myself. We have some reviews up on the comps on our site and on reddit that are all positive.The price point on these comps lend themselves to folks just trying them out, and being pleasantly surprised.

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