Rare Find! Brand New Condition M2A1 Military Ammo Cans
Original M2A1 Military ammo cans used to transport a variety of ammo to and from the battlefield. The 50 Caliber Ammo Can makes an excellent small dry box for repair kits, personal gear and first aid supplies or your ammo.

Constructed of heavy guage steel for bombproof protection, they are rugged, waterproof and built to last. The rubber lid gasket ensures a watertight seal. The lid latches securely to keep contents safe and it has a sturdy flat folding carry handle. The inside dimensions are 11''L x 5 1/2''W x 7''D.

These steel ammo cans may be used to store a variety of gear; ammo (of course), handguns, high capacity magazines, gun parts, money, jewlery, and other valuables. Instead of stacking them in your garage or safe, bury them as they have an air tight seal. Bury the ammo cans in the ground to keep your 2A gear and valuables safe. Buy a few ammo cans now to bury, while we have them in stock to keep your guns, high capacity magazines, and ammo secure and in your possession.

Brand New Condition!
Original US Military Ammo Can Specifications:
US military surplus in brand new condition
Steel construction with welded seam
Rubber lid gasket
Lever-Lock spot welded latch that may be locked
Sturdy flat folding carry handle is spot welded
Inside dimensions: 11 in. L x 5 1/2 in. W x 7 in. D
Outside dimension: 12 in x 7 1/2 in x 6 in
NOTE: These cans may have different stenciling other than 50 cal on the side for example 5.56mmm but is the exact same can, same size just different stenciling used by the military for organizational purposes.

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