Black Label Ultra Slim handguard- Featuring one of the lightest and most versatile handguards on the market. These handguards have ample ventilation slots that help to keep heat from transferring into the handguard and into the operator's hand. The handguards are compatible with all Keymod direct attach accessories. This will replace the Stock Mil-spec handguard and will give you plenty of space to mount accessories such as: optics, lights, lasers & other tactical gear. This design boasts a solid handguard solution, allowing for enhanced weapon manipulation and improved "on the move shooting" accuracy. Patented Non indexing Barrel nut system, further simplifies the installation process.
Note: Upper Receiver and forward grip are not included but are available for sale.

- 9.125" Mid Length Design can be used with 7-18" barrels
- Keymod Slim Handguard
- 4150 Steel Barrel Nut Requires No Alignment
- 6061 T6  Aluminum Alloy 
- Type II Hardcoat Anodized
- Weight 9.640 oz
- I.D. W 1.342 in x H 1.650 in
- O.D. W 1.50 in x H 1.964 in x L 9.125 in
HG-0518600 Vendor: BLACK

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This was my last response: I'll wait for your armorer to figure out that you didn't even cut feed ramps into the upper receiver and THEN I expect a full refund. I have alerted the BBB of this situation so rest assured this resolution will have a high scrutiny. CobraTac's last response: Feb 23, 12:22 PM EST We have not even finished mechanical diagnosis of the returned object to verify if it is in fact defective. Also, It is your responsibility to return the item to us the same way we had sent the item. It returned to us loose in box with no care or protection of item. We take great care shipping items to customers fully cushioned to protect from shipping damage. We cannot do a complete refund. If you need us to buy back the item before finished diagnosis i am authorized to offer you 60% of purchase value to settle this matter. Warmest Regards Cobra Tactical Systems Customer Relations Director; North American Division **** OLD ***** *** ***** , LAKE PARK FL XXXXX My previous response: Feb 23, 11:24 AM EST That's unacceptable. You sold me a non-functioning item and didn't reply on how to ship it back to you in order to not void your return policy. I'm done dealing with your company. I'm making a report to the BBB if you don't issue me at least a partial refund. I do not want your item as it did not work as advertised and I'm in Afghanistan and won't be able to ascertain if a replacement or repaired upper will work. Your side of the story says that I threatened you with a slanderous BBB report, of which you have no proof to back up that claim because it's false. Bottom line is that you don't stand behind your product. I have other 7.62x39 uppers that I can take pictures of and you can compare them to the product you sent me and clearly see the difference and what the issue is. I shipped the upper back to your company in it's original box, after receiving no reply from customer service on whether or not I needed a return authorization number and requesting further shipping instructions. Due to the fact that my leave period was over, I shipped the item back the day before departing for Afghanistan. I will most likely take the 60% "wholesale" price due to the fact that your customer service is abysmal, but only overshadowed by the quality of your product. I don't believe that your "testing" will concur with my experience regardless of the truth, as that would cause you to actually admit that your customer is right.

Richard M. Thank you so much for trying us and our products out. We greatly appreciate you and your business! Enjoy the setup.

Roger A. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to earn your business! We apreciate you and won’t let you down! Enjoy

Does it come without the dumb looking logo?

No logos on black label items ... give us a shot we won’t let you down.

Not only will they let you down, they will talk down to you and tell you it’s your fault as to why the piece of shit you bought is garbage. Then you will not be refunded for your purchase!!

Yes if you bypass this guy and order directly from Both made in China however I heard Ali isn't a flaming asshole if you have a problem with your order.

Edgar thank you so much for trying us out! We truely appreciate your business!

Whose Edgar?

Thank you kingransom for all of the absolutely thorough feedback that you have posted on virtually every single product that we carry we have heard you loud and clear and completely appreciate your feedback so much

Cobratac, I have read several of your responses to the members here and I am appalled that a business would respond in this manner. It is not conducive to getting your point across and certainly not conducive to acquiring potential new customers. As a business owner, being combative and taunting in nature, to a customer(past, present or future), is not a good idea.

Another garbage product brought to you by cobratac

Just ordered one of these for my budget 7.62x39 ar15 build well see how it goes when it comes in

I have one of these on a budget build and it's just fine.
Strike makes good stuff too. Not all of us are mall ninja operators who need uber high dollar parts.

Kingransom, spn1025, thank you so Much for posting your feedback on every single posting of our products. We have heard you loud and clear and have taken steps to improve our business. We truely appreciate your actions.

What exactly did you do to piss them off so big that they have to bring a pile of shit to bash every single one of your post??? I bought a carbon-like rail from u years ago. Key mod doesn’t work alright but every else worked just fine.

Cobracrap upvotes a post stating his "Key mod doesn’t work alright"..."but every else worked just fine." WTF else is there to "work?"

Cobratac sells absolute shit items, and their owner is the biggest assholes when it comes to customer service and showing any respect whatsoever to people who purchased items from his company. Never buy from this dick head, close up shop and go away you dumbass

This POS downvotes negative reviews of his shitty Chinese knockoff products

Strike makes everything in Asia, they are Asian owned as well... and Thier stuff is great quality!

@barrackhusein Agreed! iPhones are made in China! .. you can get quality from Asia, it just costs more... we pay higher prices for quality so we cant compete with the cheap potmetal toy quality items.... been trying to explain that for years... we are netting about $6 on each of these handguards , top Rail lines up btw...

Cobratac gets trolled so hard on here. I bought one of their uppers years ago. It was on the heavy side, probably a fair price. They must have pissed a lot of people off. I save my trolling for hardened arms. Bought an upper from them and the rail didn’t line up right, like it bent up where it connected to the upper. They told me it was normal so apparently normal to them is selling overpriced defective crap. Cobratac is what it is, the price reflects that. Strike industries makes their charging handles in Taiwan I think and they are my go too just saying

Absolute POS trash

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